New Royal African Company, 1672

27 September 1672


James Duke of York
Anthony Earl of Shaftesbury
John Buckworth
Sir John Banks
John Bence, Esq.
William Earl of Craven
Jarvis Cartwright
Samuel Dashwood

Sir Richard Ford
Thos. Farrington
Capt. Ferdinand Gorges
Edward Hopegood
John Jefferies
Sir Andrew King
Chas. Modyford, Esq.
Saml. Moyer

Peter Proby
Gabriel Roberts
Sir John Shaw
Benjamin Skutt
Sir Robert Vyner
Thomas Vernon
Nicholas Warren
Richard Young


James Duke of York
Prince Rupert
Anthony Earl of Shaftesbury
Henry Earl of Arlington
Col. Wm. Ashburnham
Aldn. Robt. Ask
John Ashby
John Ayres
Thos. Aldworth
Russell Alsop
Richard Alic
Thomas Andrewes
Duke of Buckingham
John Earl of Bath
George Lord Berkley of Berkley
Sir John Banks
Sir Thos. Blodworth
John Ball
John Bence
Richard Booth
John Buckworth
James Burkin
John Bull
Mrs. Dorcas Birkhead
Edmond Bostock
Richard Beckford
Anthony Barnardiston
Joas Bateman
Edward Bouvery
Man Browne
John Beare
Richard Boys
John Bowerman
Wm. Bowman
John Bowles
Thos. Lord Clifford
Wm. Earl of Craven
Sir George Carteret
Sir Wm. Coventry
Sir Anthony Craven
Sir Robt. Cotton
Sir Peter Colleton
Sir Nicholas Crispe
Sir Francis Chaplin
Sir Robert Clayton
Mrs. Dorothy Colvill
Capt. George Cook
Benjamin Coles
John Crispe, Esq.
Thos. Crispe
Nicholas Cook
Jarvis Cartwright
John Culling
Josia Childe
Thos. Childe
Nicholas Carter
Benjamin Cole
John Cooke
Sir Jonathan Dawes
George Dashwood, Esq.
Aldn. Francis Dashwood
Wm. Dashwood
Saml. Dashwood
George Day
Thos. Duck
Humphrey Edwin
Saml. Everard
Sir Richard Ford
Sir Philip Frowd
Aldn. Daniel Forth
John Fenn
Thos. Farington
George Frohock
John Fitch
Moses Goodyer
Capt. Ferdinando Gorges
Henry Griffith
Wm. Goulston
John Gardner
Philip Grave
Wm. Galway
Robt. Jeffreys
John Gourney
Francis Lord Hawley
James Hoare senr.
Edward Hopegood
Wm. Hodges
John Hill
John Harbin
Ralph Hodgkins
Thos. Heatley
Richard Holder
Richard Hawkins
George hadley
Rowland Hill
James Hoare junr.
Henry Johnson
John Geffreys
John Jurin
Peter Joy
Thos. Johnson
Marke Jarvis
Sir Andrew King
George Keats
Henry Kempe
Sir Charles Littleton
Sir John Lowther
Christopher Lowther
Thos. Lewis
John Lindsey
Simon Lewis
John Letten
Jacob Lucy
William Levell
Ralph Lee
Henry Lascee
John Lock
Chas. Modyford
Richard Middleton
Marke Mortimer
John Middleton
Robt. Morris
Daniel Mercer
Humphrey Morrice
John Morrice
Thomas Murthwaite
Samuel Moyer
Ralph Marshall
John Meade
John Markland
John Morgan
Robert Monteth
Wm. Metcalfe
Thos. Neales
Benjamin Newland
Thos. Nicholls
Richard Nicol
Mrs. Delicia Nelson
Lord Powis
Sr. Thos. Player
Lawrence du Puy
Chas. Porter
Thos. Povey
John Portman
Peter Proby
Daniel Pennington
Peter Paravicini
Sir John Robinson
Dame Priscilla Rider
Tobias Rustal
William Rosse of Rosse Island
Thos. Rider
Wm. Rider
Wm. Roberts
Robt. Ryves
Gabriel Roberts
Henry Richards
Edward Rudge
Godfrey Richards
Chas. Ryves
Sir John Shaw
Col. John Searle
Sir John Smith
Benjamin Skutt
Joseph Skutt
William Salmon
Saml. Sambrooke
Peter Short
Robert Stevenson
William Stevens
John Short
Thos. Short
John Sweeting
Simon Smith
John Skepper
Thos. Stevens
Nathaniel Symons
Edmond Sherman
Sir John Talbott
Henry Tulce
George Toriano
Saml. Terrell
Paul Tatnell
Sir Robert Vyner
Thos. Vernon
Wm. Vannam
Sir George Waterman
Sir Thomas Wolstenholme
Sir Wm. Warren
Brome Whorwood
Sir Joseph Williamson
Thos. Winter
Edward Willoughby
Wm. Walker
Nicholas Warren
Wm. Warren
Arnold White
John Winder
Nicholas Wilde
Thos. Westerne
Richard Young
John Young

Sainsbury, W. Noel, ed., Calender of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 7), America and West Indies, 1669-1674, Preserved in Her Majesty’s Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1889. pp. 409-412.

More information about the Royan African Company can be found in the book:

The English in West Africa 1681-1683: The Local Correspondence of the Royal African Company of England 1681-1699

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