By an act passed on 7 January 1808, the town of Pearisburg was established:

“That fifty-two acres of land at the courthouse of Giles county, conveyed to the justices thereof for the use of the said county, as the same is already laid off into lots and streets, be established a town, by the name of Pearisburg; and that Andrew Johnson, Isaac Chapman, David French, Thomas Shannon, David Johnson, Christian Snider, and John Peck, gentlemen, shall be, and they are hereby appointed trustees thereof. The trustees of the said towns, or a majority of them, are empowered to make such rules and orders for the regular building of houses therein as to them shall seem best, and to settle and determine all disputes concerning the bounds of the lots. So soon as the purchaser of any lot in either of the said towns, shall erect a dwelling house thereon equal to twelve square feet, with a brick or stone chimney, such purchaser shall enjoy the same privileges that the freeholders and inhabitants of other towns not incorporated, hold and enjoy.
This act shall commence and be in force from the passing thereof.”

Samuel Shepherd, The Statutes at Large of Virginia, Vol 3, pp.402-403.

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