A Fight at Pearisburg

We, this week, had an interview with Rev. Geo. T. Gray, who participated in the battle near Pearisburg, the county site of Giles county, Va., on last Saturday.

The enemy had previously taken possession of the town, taken several of the citizens prisoners, robbed them of their negroes and other property, searched their houses – private and public – desecrated churches and committed other outrages.

On Saturday morning near the two thousand of our forces, under command of General Heth moved upon the town from the direction of Dublin, whereupon the enemy, supposed to be about two thousand strong, appeared in a like of battle about a half mile southeast of the town when our artillery opened fire upon them.

The enemy fired but once and retreated in confusion. They ran pell mell through the town they had so arrogantly taken and occupied. The chase continued to what is called “the narrows,” some five miles northwest of Pearisburg, where the Confederated halted and took position, having learned that the Federals were hourly expecting reinforcements.

We had four men wounded, one of whom has since died. The enemy left eight of their dead on the field, and negroes who ran away from them in the rout say they took most of their dead along with them. We also took a few prisoners.

Among the wounded on our side is Col. John M. Patten, of the 22d regiment Virginia volunteers.

Out informant heard cannonading, on Sunday morning, as he came across from Pearisburg to Dublin, a distance of eighteen or twenty miles from the scene of action. Of this engagement nothing has since been heard. The Confederates had a good position and felt confident of being able to repel and vanquish the invaders.

The Confederates released from jail the citizens whom the Vandals had arrested and had not previously released.

Memphis daily appeal (Memphis, Tenn.), 23 May 1862.

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