Clara Allen Death

Young Lady Killed by Train.

Miss Clara Allen, a highly respected young woman of Shumate, a small station two miles west of Pearisburg, was killed Wednesday evening shortly after 6 o’clock by train No. 17, which leaves Roanoke at 3:15.

Miss Allen was walking on the ends of the ties and as the train was rounding a sharp curve, it was impossible for Engineer Hallman, of Roanoke, to see her until he was too close to stop.

The front part of the girl’s head, from the nose up, was completely torn away, and death was instantaneous. Miss Allen’s father was buried Sunday, and it is believed this, in a measure, had affected her mind.

Conductor John Martin, of Roanoke, was in charge of the train.

Clinch Valley News (Jeffersonville, Va.), 22 May 1914.

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