Address to Governor Lord Cornbury, Principal Freeholders and Inhabitants of Queen’s County, New York, 1702

In 1702 the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the City of New York made an address welcoming Governor Lord Cornbury. A similar address was received from:

Principal Freeholders and Inhabitants

Thomas Willet
Thomas Hicke
Thomas Yeates
Daniel Whitehead
St. Clowes
Wm. Lawrence
Robert Read
Elbert Willett
Thomas Jones
John Moss
Thomas Willett, Jr.
Jonathan Haight
Joseph Field
James Clement
Robert Hinchman
Wm. Bloodgood
Wm. Doughty
Samuel haight
Daniel Clark
Wm. Flower
John Larwoud
John Salmon
Thomas Hickes
Thomas Cirus
Francis Doughty
Wm. Ampeny
Thomas Hedger
Joseph hedger
Samuel Thorne
Samuel Thorne, Jr.
Benjamin thorne
Benjamin Haviland
John Esmond
Jacob Haviland
John Hicks
Benjamin Hicks
Richard Cornell
Jacob Cornell
John Cornell
Thomas Cornell
John Cornell
William Owen
George May
John Foster
Henry Dewsberry
Thomas Okley
George Woolley
Joseph Smith, Jr.
John Wolsey
John Feney
Joseph Smith
James Lewis
Daniel Deane
Wm. Laurence
Ebenezer Smith
George Wright
Anthony Waters
Thomas Smith
Samuel Smith
David Waters
Nathaniel Smith
Charles Williamson
John Carpenter
Jonathan Deane
Isaac Grady
Andrew Gale
J. Bentustener
Nehemiah Smith
Henry Taylor
Samuel Hallett
Abel Gale
William Pearce
Wait Smith
Edward Burrowes
James Hadlock
Samuel Heght, Jr.
Edward Griffin
William Laurence, Jr.
Richard Griffin
Nicholas Height
Thomas Wildley
John man
nathaniel Denton
John Lambertse
Jonathan Waters
David Waters
Samuel Bayley
Elias Bayles
Daniel Bayles
Samuel Skidmore
Timothy Mills
Samuel Gaile
Thomas Burrows, Jr.
Josiah Wiggins
Henricus Hedgman
Jacob Cornwell
Thomas Stevenson
Jonathan Whitehead
John Jackson
Samuel Dane
John Smith
John Jackson, Jr.
William Pine
Thomas Smith
Christ. Dinge
Pet. Stringham
David Scudder
Edward Spragg
James Bates
John Livingston
Charles Radle
Ephraim Golding
Thomas Flewelling
Thomas Davis
Samuel Denton
Thomas Cheesman
Joseph Halsteed
Jacob Doughty
John Cornwell
Johna. Denton
Benjamin Halsteed
Richard Smith
George Pearceall
Thomas Pearceall
Daniel Pearceall
David Halsteed
Jeremiah Post
John Robinson
Jno. Johnson
John Spragg
Richard Townsend
John Carman
Thomas Carman
John Serring
Adam Mott
George Wood
Edward Hunt
Arthur Willis
John Roberts
Jacob Reeder
Joseph Hallett
William Case
Richard Alsop
Thomas Evins
Jona. Strickland
Jona. Roberts
John Pettit
Samuel Moore
Thomas Betts
John Denman
Joseph Sackit
Joseph Moore
Samuel Moore, Jr.
William Hallet
John Sendder
Joseph Reed
Jacob Gosselin
Joseph Sackit, Jr.
John Reeder, Jr.
Richard Schudmore
Josiah Foreman
Richard Burt
William Halet
Thomas Farmer
Robert Warry
John Albertus
Richard Betts
William Denman
Richard Betts, Jr.
David Helbert
Phillip Ketcham
James Way
John Stephenson
Benjamin Severus
James Renne
Nathaniel Fish
Samuel Hallet, Jr.
Johnan. Fish
Elnathen Field
Josias Foreman
Thomas Pettit
Nathaniel Woodard
Jonant. Moore
John Gaveel
Eddw. Stephenson
William Hallet
Joseph Burrowes
Joseph Keeder
Abraham Kecke
Gresham Moore
Jacob Keeder
John Everet
Gresham Wiggins
Nathaniel Okeley
William Cornwell
Peter White

Headlam, Cecil, ed., Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 20), America and West Indies, Jan.-Dec. 1, 1702, Preserved in the Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1912. pp. 615-624.

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