Address to Governor Lord Cornbury, Freeholders and Inhabitants of Kings County, Nassau Island, New York, 1702

In 1702 the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of the City of New York made an address welcoming Governor Lord Cornbury. A similar address was received from:

Freeholders and Inhabitants

Henry Filkin
John Grigg
Joseph Sedgman
Nicholas Stilwell
Samuel Grigson
Thomas Stilwell
William Van Burkeloe
John Orsen
Jacus Cortelyon
Peter Cortelyon
Claus Wickost
Garret Stortsoft
Denis Hegeman
David Williamson
Alexander Simson
Laurence Johnson
Stustel Robasko

Headlam, Cecil, ed., Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 20), America and West Indies, Jan.-Dec. 1, 1702, Preserved in the Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1912. pp. 615-624.

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