Capt. Caraker’s Company, Georgia Infantry, Milledgeville Guards

The within company, consisting of factory operators and other exempts, tender their services, in pursuance of the Governor’s proclamation, for the defense of the County of Baldwin.

D. J. Bailey
Wm. Bailey
Sidney Baucum
David Beland
F. W. Beland
William Brown
W. M. Brown
L. H. Bynum
W. A. Campbell
William Caraker
Robert Coleman
W. H. Cook
William Cowcert
William J. Cowcert
R. M. Crawford
R. T. Crawford
James Davis Jr.
James Davis Sr.
William Debord
James A. Denton
John M. Denton
James Gann
L. Harris
Eli Honeycutt
G. B. Honeycutt
James Honeycutt
B. J. Lavender
B. J. Leonard
James B. Leonard
William Leonard
Henry Noisworthey
James M. Noisworthey
W. J. Owens
G. W. Parks
T. W. Potter
Samuel Reid
S. Sanders
William Shanks
H. Shulz
W. J. Simmons
F. Skinner
H. Staines
A. Thomas
J. Thomas
G. H. Thompson
J. J. Thompson
E. Waitzfelder
L. Waitzfelder
A. J. Wall
E. H. Wall
J. M. Wall
J. S. Wall
W. A. Westbrooks
William H. Westbrooks
Z. W. Whitney
J. K. Williams
W. Worthey

Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations From the State of Georgia (National Archives microfilm M266, roll 602)

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