22 February 1849 c. 62 9 Stat. 347

CHAP. LXII. – An Act granting five Years’ Half Pay to certain Widows and Orphans of Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, Musicians, and Privates, both Regulars and Volunteers.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the provisions of the second section of the act entitled “An Act amending the act entitled ‘An Act granting half pay to widows or orphans, where their husbands and fathers have died of wounds received in the military service of the United States,’ in cases of deceased officers and soldiers of the militia and volunteers,” approved July twenty-first, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, shall be so construed as to embrace all widows and orphans of officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates, whether of the regular army or of volunteers, who have received an honorable discharge, or who remained to the date of their death in the military service of the United States, and who have died, since their return to their usual place of residence, of wounds received, or from disease contracted while in line of duty, subject to such rules, regulations, and restrictions, as the Secretary of War, by the third section of said act, is authorized to impose.

APPROVED, February 22, 1849.

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