Virginia Loyal Address of the Justices and Officers, Military and Civil, of Lancaster County, 1701/2

On 5 March 1701/2 the Justices and Officers, Military and Civil, of Lancaster County, Virginia made an address of loyalty to the King.

Military Officers

Col. Robert Carter
Lt.-Col. Joseph ball
Major W. Lister
Capt. of Horse, Henry Fleet
Capt. of Horse, William Ball
Capt. of Dragoons, Thomas Pinckard
Capt. of Foot, William Hoare
Capt. of Foot, Samuel Fox
Capt. of Dragoons, Richard Ball
Lieut. of Horse, James Ball
Lieut. of Horse, Jno. Pinckard
Lieut. of Dragoons, John Heale
Lieut. of Dragoons, Henry Lawson
Lieut. of Foot, John Hutchins
Lieut. of Foot, Thomas Barker, Jr.
Cornet of Horse, Edwin Conway
Cornet of Horse, Jos. Heale
Ensign of Foot, Joseph Ball
Ensign of Foot, Fawley Chinn
Cornett of Dragoons, George Harward
Ensign of Foot, John Brown

Justices of Peace

David Fox
Joseph Ball
Henry Fleet
W. Lister
William Ball
William Fox
Jn. Pinckard
Thomas Marrin
Richard Ball
Thomas Pinckard
John Turbervile

Civil Officers

Thomas Pinckard
John Turbervile
J. Swann, Sherriff
Col. Richard Chichester
Joseph Tayloe, clerk
Fortunatus Sydner, Sub-Sheriff

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