New York Oaths of Allegiance, New Utrecht, Kings County, 1687

off New Uijtrecht

The Roll off those who have taken the Oath off Allegiance in the Kings County in the Province of New Yorke the 26: 27: 28: 28: and 30th day off September in the third yeare of His Maytsh Raigne Annoque Domine 1687.

Tielman Vandermij 13 Jeare
karel Janse Vandijck 35 Jeare
Jan Janse Vandijck 35 Jeare
thomas tierckse 35 Jeare
Wouter Van Pelt 24 Jeare
Jacob Christiaense native
Lambert Janse 22 Jeare
Jan Van Deventer 25 Jeare
Cornelis Janse Vandeventer native
gijsbert thysen Laenen 24 Jeare
theunis Janse Van Pelt Laenen 24 Jeare
Anthony Van Pelt 24 Jeare
Jan Clement 22 Jeare
Cornelis wijnhart 30 Jeare
kreijn Janse Van Meeteren 24 Jeare
Joost Rutsen Van Brent native
Aert theunissen Van Pelt native
Anthonij Du Chaine 24 Jeare
Jan thijssen Laenen native
Laurens Janse native
Jan Van Cleeff 34 Jeare
Wellem klinckenberg native
Nicolase Vandergrifft native
Jan Van kerck Jr. native
Jan Van kerck Sr. 24 Jeare
barent Joosten Ridder 35 Jeare
hendrick Matthysse Smack 33 Jeare
Cornelis Van Kleeff native
Dirck Janse Van Sutphen 36 Jeare
Jan kiersen 38 Jeare
Gerrit Courten Van Voorhuys native
Rooth Joosten Van brunt 34 Jeare
Pieter ffransisco native
Jacques Cortejou 35 Jeare
Jacques Corteljou Jr. native
Cornelis Corteljou native
Pieter Corteljou native
Willlem Corteljouw native
gerrit Cornelis Van Duyn 38 Jeare
Cornelis gerris Vanduyn native
Denijs gerrise Vanduyn native
Laurens Janse de Camp 23 Jeare
Pieter thyssen native
Swaen Janssen 33 Jeare
gerrit Stoffelse 36 Jeare
Jan hanssen bruynenburgh 48 Jeare
Stoffel gerritse native
Joost debaene 4 Jeare
hendrick Janse kamminga 9 Jeare
Cornelis Rutsen Van brunt native
barent Verkerck native

O’Callaghan, E. B., The Documentary History of the State of New York, Vol. 1, (Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co., Public Printers, 1850) pp. 429-432.

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