New York Oaths of Allegiance, Flatbush, Kings County, 1687

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The Roll off those who have taken the Oath off Allegiance in the Kings County in the Province of New Yorke the 26: 27: 28: 28: and 30th day off September in the third yeare of His Maytsh Raigne Annoque Domine 1687.

Willem Jacobs Van Boerem was in this country 38 Jeare
Christoffel Probasco 33 Jeare
Hendrick Rijcken 24 Jeare
Pieter Strycker native of this Province off N: York
Cornelis Pieterse native
Cornelis Peters Luijster native
Dirck Jansen Van Vliet 23 Jeare
gerrit Lubberse native
Ruth Albertse 25 Jeare
gerrardus Beakman native
Jacob henk. hafften 23 Jeare
gerrit Dorlant native
Engelbert Lott native
Simon hanssen 48 Jeare
Pieter Lott 35 Jeare
Cornelis Barense Van Wyck 27 yeare
Jacob Remsen native
Jan harmenessen Van amesfoort 29 Jeares
Willem hendrickse native
Joseph hegeman 37 yeare
Claes Willkens 25 yeare
Willem guil Janse 47 yeare
Auke Reijnierse native
Jooris Remssen native
Jan Wouterse Van bosch 28 yeare
Lambert Jansen native
Jan Remsen native
Jan Dircks Van Vliet 23 yeare
hendrickus hegeman 36 yeare
Jan Spiglelar 25 yeare
adriaen hend aaten 36 yeare
Lefferd Pieterse 27 Jeare
Isaack hegeman native
Pieter guil Janse 45 Jeare
Pieter Willemsen native
Cornelis Jansse Seeu 27 Jeare
hendrick Lott native
Daniel Polheius native
Jan Van Ditmaertz native
Denijs theunissen native
Jan Strycker 35 yeare
Isaac Van Cassant 35 Jeare
Jan barense blom native
Adriaen Reyerse 41 Jeare
Daniel Remsen native
Jacob Vandebilt native
Marten adriaense native
Christiaen Snediker native
Abram hegeman native
Jan Cornelissen Vander Veer native
Theodorus Van Wijck native
Thomas aaten native
gerrit Snediker native
hendrick Janse native
Roeloff Verkerck 24 Jeare
barent Janssen native
Jacobus Hegeman 36 Jeare
hendrick Willemse 38 Jeare
Dirck Jan hooglant native
Jan Dircks hooglant native
Willem Dircks hooglant native
Jan oake 36 Jeare
gerrit Janse Strijker 35 Jeare
Rem Remssen native

O’Callaghan, E. B., The Documentary History of the State of New York, Vol. 1, (Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co., Public Printers, 1850) pp. 429-432.

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