William C. Brine – Individual Casualty Questionnaire by Lloyd W. Boling

File No 9355

Individual Casualty Questionnaire

Name of crew member: Brine, William C.
Rank: 2nd Lt
Serial Number: 0-722916
Position: Crew (Bomber): Navigator

Did he bail out? No


If not, why not? Was killed by flak or explosion of plane

Last contact or conversation just prior to or at time of loss of plane: Called lead navigator and told him he was off course

Was he injured? Killed

Where was he last seen? In shed at farmhouse

Any hearsay information: …

Source: …

Any explanation of his fate based in part or wholly on supposition: Was probably trapped in nose and couldn’t bail out

Total number of missions of above crew member: about 14 or 15

Dates and destinations if possible: …

6-3861, AF

Missing Air Crew Report Number 9355, National Archives, College Park, MD.

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