Telegram from Command HQ – page 1

Distance Message Office: Muenster-Handorf.

Post – Telegram from (Command) Headquarters Army Air Field Command 2/VI

To: Luftgau – Command VI – Section Ic Muenster
Dulag – Luft, Oberursel – Taunus
HQ Army Air Field Command 3/VI, Section Ic Muenster I

Subject: Shot down of enemy aircraft

Date and Time: (Aircraft was shot down) 7 October 1944 – 14.30
Place of Crash: Koerde near St. Mauritz County Muenster/Westfalia (Bauer-Heimann)
Type of Craft: Boeing – Fortress / Motortype: unknown
Contraction of Motore: unknown / Armament: unknown
F.T. – Frequencies and Equipment: unknown / Kind of Capture: Flak
Condition of Craft: destroyed 99%
Markings of Craft: A Cockade X K – Admittance o. unknown

1. Sgt. Lloyd W. Boling Indentif. tag # 17127210 captured
2. Sgt. Walter J. Cochran Indentif. tag # 13068475 captured
3. 2nd Lt. John Brown Indentif. tag # 0-556119 dead
4. Sgt. Robert H. Hill Indentif. tag # 15125602 dead
5. Sgt. Theodore Golan Indentif. tag # 36656501 dead
6. Sgt. Andrew Leier Indentif. tag # 37581323 dead
7. 2nd Lt. James Bailey Indentif. tag # 0-821931 dead
8. Sgt. Herman Moers Indentif. tag # 36012771 dead
9. 2nd Lt. William C. Brine Indentif. tag # 0-722916 dead
10. 1st Lt. Howard E. Hewitt Indentif. tag # 0-761432 dead

at 1) Prisoner transfer to Dulag Luft Oberursel
at 2) Prisoner transfer from Flying Field Loddenheide/Muenster to Dulag Luft Oberursel
at 3 to 10) FGrave location will be reported later.

Certified by
Illegible [sic]
Rank: Sgt.

Missing Air Crew Report Number 9355, National Archives, College Park, MD.

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