S-2 Summary of Eye-Witness Accounts

Instructions: 1. If aircraft returned, only questions 6 and 7 are applicable. 2. Question number 5 not applicable to Fighter Groups. 3. Summary eill be prepared in five copies, four of which will be forwarded. 4. Interrogating Officer will sign original and second copy.

Group: 305 SQ 365 Bomb Sq A/C # 43-38151 Mission Date 7 Oct 1944

First Pilot Bailey, James E., 2nd Lt. 0-821931 Destination Zwickau, Germany

1. Position of missing aircraft when last sighted of contacted:
(a) By coordinates 5210N – 0700E, at 1402 hours
(b) Approximate altitude 23,000 ft.
(c) Last noted heading 270 degrees
(d) If out of formation, approximate distance from formation in formation

2. Describe enemy opposition (intensity of flak, intensity and method of enemy fighter attack, etc., with particular reference to missing aircraft.)
Intense accurate flak

3. Description of extent of damage to missing aircraft (including fires, explosions, etc):
Tip of left wing blown off, fire in wingtip, and also in No. 4 engine.

4. If aircraft was out of control describe appearance:
Going straight down in a slow spin. Reported to have exploded at about 8,000 ft.

5. If distressed aircraft was out of formation was it last seen with escort? No If so, give distinguishing markings of Fighter Group if noted (Group number, color and/or fighter aircraft numbers, nicknames, etc.) Not Noted

6. Number of parachutes seen and description of jumps (approximate altitude, time between jumps, etc.)
No parachutes seen.

7. Any other remarks not covered by above: None

8. Date of report: 9 October 1944


Name Rank ASN A/C No.
1. Fetzer, Theodore J. 1st Lt 0-817185 43-37961
2. Butkiewics, Joseph L. 2nd Lt 0-718235 43-38133
3. DeVries, John F. 2nd Lt 0-723513 43-97756
4. Scharfman, Raphael 2nd Lt 0-551863 43-38102

Interrogating Officer (sign original and one copy)

Henry C. Harden, Jr. Captain 0-433037 S-2 Officer
Name Rank ASN Duty

Note: Supplemental information developing subsequent to this account will be forwarded in manner prescribed in par 6, letter WD, 704 (5 July 44) OB-S-AAF-M, subject “Missing Air Crew Report”, 7 July 1944.

Missing Air Crew Report Number 9355, National Archives, College Park, MD.

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