Missing Air Crew Report, 9355

War Department
Headquarters Army Air Forces
Missing Aircrew Report

1. Organization: Location, by name Chelveston, England: Command or Air Force 8th AF Group 305th Bomb Gp: Squadron 365 Bomb Sq: Detachment…

2.Specify: Place of Departure Chelveston, England Course indefinite Target or destination Zwickau, Germany: Type of mission Heavy Bomb

3.Weather Conditions and visibility at time of crash or when last reported: 1/10 Cumulus, Top 5000 to 7000 ft. Downward Visibility 15 to 20 miles

4. Give: (a) Day 7 Month Oct Year 44: Time 1402 Location 5210N-0700E of last known whereabouts of missing A/C.

(b) Specify whether A/C was last sighted (x); last contacted by radio ( ); Forced down ( ); Seen to crash ( ); Information unavailable ( )

5.A/C was lost, or is believed to have been lost as a result of Enemy A/C ( ); Enemy Anti-Aircraft (x), Other circumstances as follows: See S-2 Summary of Eye-Witness Accounts

6. Aircraft: Type, Model, & Series B-17G: AAF Serial Number 43-38151

7. Nickname of A/C, If any…

8. Engines: Type, Model & Series: R-1820-97 AAF Serial No. (a) SW-023602 (b) SW-023572 (c) SW-023365 (d) SW-023582

9. Installed Weapons: See attached sheet

10. The persons listed below were reported as (a) Battle Casualty MIA or (b) Non Battle Casualty

11. Number of persons aboard A/C: Crew 10; Passengers 0; Total 10

Crew Position Name in Full
(Last name first)
Rank ASN Current Status
1. Pilot Bailey, James E. 2nd Lt 0-821931 MIA KIA
2. CoPilot Brown, John M. 2nd Lt 0-556119 MIA KIA
3. Navigator Brine, William C. 2nd Lt 0-722916 MIA KIA
4. Bombadier Hewitt, Howard E. 2nd Lt 0-761432 MIA KIA
5. Top Turret Cochran, Walter J. Sgt 13068475 MIA RTD
6. Radio Operator Hill, Robert H. Sgt 15125602 MIA KIA
7. Ball Turret Leier, Andrew (NMI) Sgt 37581323 MIA KIA
8. Tail Gunner Meers, Herman (NMI) Sgt 36012871 MIA KIA
9. Waist Gunner (R) Beling, Lloyd W. Sgt 17127210 MIA RTD
10. Waist Gunner (L) Golan, Theodore F. Cpl 36656501 MIA KIA

12. Identify below those persons who are believed to have last knowledge of A/C and check appropriate column to indicate basis for same:

Name in Full
(Last name first)
Rank ASN Contacted
1. Fetzer, Theodore J. 1st Lt 0-817185 x
2. Butkiewics, Joseph L. 2nd Lt 0-718235 x
3. DeVries, John F. 2nd Lt 0-723613 x

13. If personnel are believed to have survived, answer yes to one of the following statements: (a) Parachutes were used…; (b) Persons were seen walking away from scene of crash…; (c) Any other reason (Specify) No parachutes seen to open

14. Attach arial photograph, Map, Chart or Sketch, showing approximate location where A/C was last seen or heard from.

15. Attach Eye-witness description of crash, forced landing, or other circumstances pertaining to missing A/C See S-2 Summary of Eye-Witness accounts

16. Give Name, Rank, ASN, of officer in charge of search, if any, including description and extent: None

Date of Report: 9 October 1944

Fred C. Pettee

Capt, AC

Asst Base Adj.

17. Remarks or eye-witness statements: See S-2 Summary of Eye-Witness Accounts

Missing Air Crew Report Number 9355, National Archives, College Park, MD.

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