Graves Registration Service – list of remains returned

New York Intermediate Depot, Special Orders No. 64, 1 September 1921

Under the provisions of paragraph 87, Army Regulations, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver S. Eskridge, Infantry, at his own request, and Pvt. First Class George Mathers, 16th infantry, as Attendants, will proceed from Hoboken, N.J., to Washington, D.C., accompanying the remains of the following deceased soldiers enroute to destinations set opposite their respective names:

Rank Soldier Serial No. Unit Destination
Cpl Richard W. Wright 1817758 Co. D, 317th Inf Arrington, Va
Cpl Lloyd Holland 1819226 Co. K, 317th Inf Axton P.O., Va
Pvt James W. Turner 1849491 Co. E, 319th Inf Culpeper, Va
2nd Lt Bennie A. Green Co. D, 114th M.G. Bn Danville, Va
Pvt Augburn Dean Martin 119464 55th Co., 5th Regt East Bend, NC
Cpl Robert Owens Pomeroy 117599 51st Co., 5 Marines Front Royal, Va
Pvt Henry K. Burtner 3400010 Co. H, 30th Inf. Greensboro, NC
Pvt James M. Beason 736673 Co. K, 11th Inf Greensboro, NC
Pvt John C. Bleight 181452 Co. B, 1st Gas. Regt Haymarket, Va
Pvt Tommie R. Armes 2968124 Co. E, 125th Inf Keysville, Va
Pvt Joseph I. Miles 2967450 Co. L, 128th Inf Lester Manor, Va
1st Lt Howard T. Barger M.G. Co., 311th Inf Lynchburg, Va
Pvt Jacob L. Crist 2969634 Co. A, 11th M.G. Bn Lynchburg, Va
Pvt Samuel S. Falwell 2711653 Co. C, 135th M.G. Bn Lynchburg, Va
Pvt Robert J. Rodgers 2967710 Co. B, 132nd Inf Martinsville, Va
Cpl Wade H. Miller 116045 Co. B, 117th Tr Hq & M.P. New London, NC
Pvt Daniel A. McIntosh 1842308 319 Amb. Co., 305 S.T. Orange, Va
Pvt Leonard C. Duncan 2467459 Co. D, 318th Inf Rich Creek, Va
Pvt Marvin Trexler 541433 Co. D, 7th Inf Salisbury, Va
Pvt Willie D. High 3166653 Co. E, 125th Inf Scottsburg, Va
Pvt Thomas J. Overton 3166660 Co. L, 11th Inf Scottsburg, Va
Pfc Ruffin C. Lynch 567969 Co. C, 59th Inf Stuart, Va
Pvt Oscar W. Wiley 1558727 Bty B, 321st F.A. Beckley, WV
Capt William H. Humphreys Co. E, 58th Inf Crozet, Va
Pvt John R. Hayes 1849954 Hq Co., 317th Inf Hampton, Va
Cpl Jacob S. Carter 1821365 Co. F, 318th Inf Irwin, Va
Pvt Farm Nelson 1559791 Hq Co., 7th Inf Lattin, WV
Pvt Luther C. Hornsby 3174842 Co. A, 9th Inf Lee Hall, Va
Cpl John B. McNeely 2969967 Co. H, 16th Inf Logan, WV
Sgt Thomas J. Cox 2339012 Co. G, 4th Inf Logan, WV
Pvt Charles C. McLaughlin 1837611 305 Tr Mtr Bat 80 Div Marlington, WV
Pvt Riley Proffitt 2967478 Co. C, 16th Inf Mineral, VA
Cpl William L. Prout 55375 M.G. Co., 26th Inf Montgomery, WV
Pfc James L. Blow 1290310 M.G. Co., 116th Inf Portsmouth, Va
Pvt Eddie Jones 3631559 Hq Co., 864th Trans Corps Portsmouth, Va
Pvt Raymond L. Myers 555417 Co. D, 9th M.G. Bn Portsmouth, Va
Pvt Wedsel Ross 1559801 Co. B, 7th Inf Salt Rock, WV
Pvt Homer B. Benson 551744 Co. I, 38th Inf Staunton, Va
Pvt Samuel R. Eagle 1322488 Med Det, B.H. 41 Staunton, Va
Bgl Harry T. Swecker 1817747 Co. D, 317th Inf Monterey, Va
Pvt William R. Nowlan 2737230 Bty B, 10 F.A. Talcott, WV
Pvt Nain R. Harless 550108 Co. E, 353rd Inf Pepper, Va
Pvt John Short 2968254 Co. K, 47th Inf Raven, Va
Pfc William Haynes 1820933 Co. C, 318th Inf St. Charles, Va
Pvt Jacob Manning 1922874 Co. B, 327th Inf White Pine, TN
Pvt Newman A. Morris 554034 Co. C, 8th M.G. Bn New Martinsville, WV
Pvt Walter D. Butcher 3635376 Co. C, 168th Inf Parkersburg, WV
Pvt Everett L. Lyons 1814643 Hq Co., 314th Inf Parkersburg, WV
Cook Joseph W. Hoce 541040 Fld Tr, 7th Inf Parkersburg, WV
Sgt Charles Rosco McGinnis 117669 55 Co., 5 Marines Parkersburg, WV
Pvt Andrew L. Matthew 1833646 Bty B, 313th F.A. Philippi, WV
Cpl Shelton Lamm 567705 Co. D, 11th M.G. Bn Pullman, WV
Pvt Carl H. Carmichael 2711818 Hq Co., 316th Inf Ravenswood, WV
Pvt Jesse Robinson 4012430 Med Det, 319th Inf Reader, WV
Cpl Harry E. Hill 542050 Co. G, 7th Inf Ripley, WV
Cpl Frank L. Windsor 51465 Co. I, 23rd Inf Rockville, MD
Pvt Percy H. Samples 3165945 Co. E, 6th Inf Salem, WV
Pvt Stewart Comer 3170184 Co. A, 126th Inf Shenandoah, Va
Cpl Charley McMullen 548170 Co. L, 30th Inf Spencer, WV
Pvt Emmett H. Rhodes 1814562 Co. B, 314th Inf Spencer, WV
Pvt Thomas Strosnider 3167064 Co. L, 11th Inf Wardensville, WV
Pvt William J. Dakan 548102 Co. L, 30th Inf Wheeling, WV
Pvt Thomas G. Adams 2665162 Co. L, 320th Inf Winchester, Va
Pvt William H. Mize 3171128 Co. E, 18th Inf Winfield, WV
Pvt Lewis Gillispie 3171171 Co. B, 131st Inf Woods, WV
Pvt Henry D. Lowry 2467553 Co. B, 305th Hq Tr & M.P. Virgiline, Va
Pvt Bernard Diggs Allen 118497 20 Co., 5 Marines King & Queen Court House, Va
Pvt Gordon M. Barrett 3165210 Co. H, 6th Inf Abingdon, Va
Pfc Frank Cain 1817976 Co. E, 317th Inf Appalachia, Va
Pfc Miller T. Burton 2467681 Co. H, 317th Inf Bastain, Va
2nd Lt James C. Brewer I.R.C. Att, 5th Marines Bristol, Va
Cpl Anson J. Park 734252 Co. M, 6th Inf Bulls Gap, TN
Pvt James H. White 1923312 Co. G, 327th Inf Chuckey, TN
Pvt Thomas B. Meade 1819458 Co. K, 317th Inf Drill, Va
Pvt Isaac Aliff 2713885 Co. A, 57th T.C. Eccles, WV
2nd Lt Hobert Harris 127th Inf Erwin, TN
Pvt Edward L. Carroll 731088 Co. A, 6th Inf Fordtown, TN
Pvt Fieldin K. Earls 2663977 Co. F, 320th Inf Gillespie, Va
Pvt Charles T. Duncan 1898702 Co. F, 325th Inf Greeneville, TN
Pvt Sterling Vaughn 1923017 Co. G, 327th Inf Idol, TN
2nd Lt Richard F. Kirkpatrick Co. L, 303rd Inf Knoxville, TN
Pfc Samuel A. Ogle 123771 Bty A, 5th F.A. Knoxville, TN
Pvt Otis Sharp 732709 Co. F, 6th Inf Knoxville, TN
Pvt Harvey Cook 246926 Co. G, 168th Inf Maben, WV
Pvt Wm. Allen Benton 117479 51st Co., 5 Marines Mayodan, NC
1st Lt Ballard C. Linch San Det, 314th Inf New Tazewell, TN
Pvt Ethel Gamble 2131160 Co. F, 127th Inf Oliver Springs, TN
Pfc Aubrey L. Compton 1393 Med Det, 16th Inf Roanoke, Va
Pvt Addison A. Deyerle 3636781 Co. A, 357th Inf Roanoke, Va
Pvt Carl H. Broughman 2467509 Co. C, 317th Inf Roanoke, Va
Pfc Joseph Clifton Harcum 551546 Co. H, 38th Inf Franklin, Va
Pvt Robert E. Mabry 3170618 Co. M, 9th Inf Henderson, NC
Pvt William H. Matthews 2313202 Co. I, 104th Inf Kipling, NC
Pvt George Oren Hamlet 116458 49th Co., 5 Marines Pittsboro, NC
Pvt Alonzo L. Williams 569499 Co. E, 58th Inf Bailey, NC
Pvt Spirley E. Irby 2463011 Co. H, 370th Inf Blackstone, Va
Pvt Adolphus Cook 103763 Co. F, 369th Inf Jeffress, Va
Pvt Jimmie W. Gills 2968169 Co. B, 23rd Inf Kenbridge, Va
Pvt Robert B. Braswell 3170223 Co. E, 126th Inf Lawrencevill, Va
Pvt Dudley Boyd Brantley 240184 75 Co., 6 Marines Middlesex, NC
Cpl David T. Strickland 733712 Co. K, 6th Inf Smith Field, NC
Pvt Calvin P. Cobb 2400028 Co. B, 30th Inf Tarboro, NC
2nd Lt John W. Hassell M.G. Co., 58th Inf Williamston, NC
Pvt Willie Carr 551190 Co. G, 38th Inf Zuni, Va
Bgl Lawrence G. Barger 1821354 Co. F, 318th Inf Buchanan, Va
Pvt George A. Harper 2967476 13 Prov Co., JRD Bumpass, Va
Pvt Herrell Carneal 561072 Co. F, 59th Inf Doswell, Va
Cpl Andrew W. Arnold 1821348 Co. F, 318th Inf Richmond, Va
Pvt Floyd J. Hetzer 3168988 Co. B, 61st Inf Richmond, Va
Sgt Thomas B. Sale 1821939 Co. I, 318th Inf Richmond, Va
Pfc Sam Stern 551611 Co. H, 38th Inf Richmond, Va
Sgt William H. Keenan 1828868 Co. B, 320th Inf Washington, DC
Cpl William Neel 1833395 Bty A, 313th F.A. Bayard, WV
Pvt Clyde L. Armstrong 3169809 Co. B, 125th Inf Belleville, WV
Cpl Carl Simmons 1833662 Bty B, 313th F.A. Belington, WV
Pfc William T. Blake 553049 Co. A, 7th M.G. Bn Benwood Junction, WV
Pvt Dayton L. Dawson 1848453 Co. M, 26th Inf Berkeley Springs, WV
Pvt Jesse P. Grim 1520744 Co. C, 146th Inf, 37 Div Cameron, WV
Cpl Otmer Orvell Anderson 117010 67 Co., 5 Marines Charleston, WV
Cpl John W. Shumate 52189 Co. M, 23rd Inf Charleston, WV
Pfc Duwain E. Kellar 66071 Co. L, 102nd Inf Clarksburg, WV
Pvt William A. Shamblin 548203 Co. L, 30th Inf Clarksburg, WV
Pfc Joseph S. Truman 2386268 Co. B, 61st Inf Clay Court House, WV
Pvt Clyde Herman Slider 108625 23 Co., 6 M.G. Bn Mar Davis, WV
Pvt Milford E. Alkire 556429 Co. A, 39th Inf Diana, WV
Pvt Monroe Goff 2170197 Co. C, 146th Inf Elizabeth, WV
Pvt Addis W. Jeffries 1835445 Co. I, 317th Inf Grafton, WV
Mech Wilbur S. Moore 1833651 Bty B, 313th F.A. Grafton, WV
Sgt Mjr William Joseph Geary 119309 Hq, 4th Brig Harpers Ferry, WV
Pvt Earl Coe 553978 Co. C, 8th M.G. Bn Middlebourne, WV
Pvt Carl Melvin Jenkins 1790180 Co. H, 19th Engrs Middletown, Va
Pvt Gilbert A. Neely 3169431 Co. I, 165th Inf Morgantown, WV
Pvt George G. Calvert 2713185 Co. H, 314th Inf Moundsville, WV
Mech Mike V. Saner 560857 Co. C, 59th Inf Moundsville, WV
Cpl George C. Dunlap 1818448 Co. G, 317th Inf Staunton, Va
1st Lt James W. France Co. I, 320th Inf Richmond, Va
Pvt Edwin T. Jenkins 1821266 Hq Co., 318th Inf Richmond, Va
Pvt George W. Wolf 3170359 24 Prov Co., JRD Berkeley Springs, WV

Upon arrival at Washington, DC, Attendants will deliver the aforesaid remains to the Depot Quartermaster, that city, for distribution to their respective homes and upon completion of this duty will return to Hoboken, NJ, and report to the Officer in Charge, Graves Registration Service.

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