10th Cavalry, San Juan Hill, July 1898

List of the Missing, Dead and Wounded Buffalo Soldiers of the 10th United States Cavalry taken from the reports of officers following the action on San Juan Hill, Cuba.


Pvt. John H. Smart or Smoot, Troop A
Cpl. William F. Johnson, Troop B
Pvt. John H. Dodson, Troop C
Pvt. George Stroal, Troop D
1st Ltn. W. E. Shipp (brigade quartermaster), Troop F
1st Ltn. W. H. Smith, Troop G
Pvt. William H. Slaughter, Troop G


Saddler John H. Ubanks, Troop B
George Berry, Troop B
William Jackson, Troop B
Pvt. J. F. Chinn, Jr., Troop I


Maj. T. J. Wint
1st Ltn. R. L. Livermore, Troop A
2nd Ltn. F. R. McCoy, Troop A
Sgt. Smith Johnson, Troop A
Cpl. Joseph G. Mitchell, Troop A
Pvt. William A. Cooper, Troop A
Pvt. Benjamin Franklin, Troop A
Pvt. Wiley Hipsher, Troop A
Pvt. Richard James, Troop A
Pvt. Robert E. Lee, Troop A
Trumpeter Nathan Wyatt, Troop A
Pvt. John Chinn, Troop B
William Gregorey, Troop B
Peter Saunderson, Troop B
1st Ltn. E. D. Anderson, Troop C
1st Sgt. Adam Houston, Troop C
Sgt. Edward Lane, Troop C
Sgt. Walker Johnson, Troop C
Pvt. John Brown, Troop C
Pvt. William Matthews, Troop C
Pvt. Lewis Marshall, Troop C
Pvt. Benjamin F. Gaskins, Troop C
Pvt. Frank Ridgely, Troop C
Capt. John Bigelow, Jr., Troop D
Sgt. George Dyres, Troop D
Sgt. Willis Hatcher, Troop D
Pvt. J. H. Campbell, Troop D
Pvt. Fred Shockley, Troop D
Pvt. Wade Bledsoe, Troop D
Pvt. William Tyler, Troop D
Pvt. Harry D. Sturgis, Troop D
Pvt. Henry Fearn, Troop D
Sgt. John J. L. Taylor, Troop E
M. Sgt. William Payne, Troop E
Blacksmith Lewis L. Anderson, Troop E
Pvt. Henry McCormac, Troop E
Pvt. Gilmore Givens, Troop E
Pvt. Hillery Brown, Troop E
Pvt. Allen C. White, Troop E
2nd Ltn. H. C. Whitehead, Troop F
Sgt. Amos Elliston, Troop F
Sgt. Frank Rankin, Troop F
Cpl. Allen Jones, Troop F
Blacksmith Charles Robertson, Troop F
Pvt. Isom Taylor, Troop F
Pvt. John Watson, Troop F
Pvt. Benjamin West, Troop F
2nd Ltn. T. A. Roberts, Troop G
Sgt. E. S. Washington, Troop G
Cpl. Marcellus Wright, Troop G
Pvt. Charles Arthur, Troop G
Pvt. John Brooks, Troop G
Pvt. Charles Hopkins, Troop G
Pvt. Joseph Williams, Troop G
Pvt. Samuel T. Minar, Troop G
1st Sgt. Robert Milbrown, Troop I
Sgt. U. G. Gunter, Troop I
Pvt. Frank D. Bennett, Troop I
Pvt. Thornton Burkley, Troop I
Pvt. Thomas H. Hardy, Troop I
Pvt. Wesley Jones, Troop I
Pvt. Houston Riddill, Troop I
1st Ltn. M.H. Barnum, regimental adjutant
Pvt. Luther D. Gould, Troop A
Pvt. Benjamin F. Tyler, Troop C
Trumpeter Sprague Lewis, Troop D
Pvt. John F. Taylor, Troop D
1nd Ltn. Harry O. Willard, Troop D
Pvt. W. H. Brown, Troop A
Pvt. John Arnold, Troop G
Pvt. Daniel Blue, Troop A
Pvt. John Prim, Troop B

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    I was generally searching for information on the Spanish American War to go with a list of resources I found at libraries and online when I stumbled on this web page with names of Buffalo Soldiers, July 1898. I had no idea this had been posted and just wanted to thank whoever compiled the list. I have no relatives who fought, nor do I have an ancestor who was a Buffalo Soldier, however I have friends who may be interested if they do not already know of this page. Thank you. yvonne

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