1st US Cavalry, 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898

The following is a list of the killed and wounded of the 1st US Cavalry, in the three days’ fighting before Santiago on 1st, 2nd and 3rd July 1898.


Maj A. G. Forso
Sgt Henry Anderson
Sgt Michael McGarleton
Sgt William Smith
Sgt Jacob Tobin
Sgt Hundertmark
Sgt Charles Karsten
Sgt Augustus B. Long
Cpl William A. Prixton
Cpl Frederick Landmark
Cpl Warren E. Ellis
Cpl Frank Morgan
Edward E. Delbridge
Charles D. Jacob Jr
Edward Frolkey
Adam Lund
Roland L. Linder
McIvin Ray
Harold W. Ladley
Charles E. Gallup
Alexander W. Mallen
Hugh A. Douglass
Jacob D. Holkstra
John Bickford
August Gripenstroh, blacksmith
George B. Gington
Henry Foster
John J. McShea
Edgar B. Jacobs
John T. Hill
James Roz Porka
Elijah Walls
William L. Cooper


Rudolph Deleon


Sgt Francis Robinson
Sgt Michael H. Garry
Sgt William Britten
Sgt Ernest Bender
Cpl James Ritchie
Cpl Clarence Gerber
Louis Bertschin
Martin L. Robinson
David Ruhe
Frank B. Witel
Charles F. Swartz
William E. Allen
Lee Rogers
Riely G. McCullough
Ralph E. Baker
Gideon O. Dolmaye
John J. Watson
Robert L. Conrad, saddler
James Barber
Charles M. James
Edmond C. Joergenson
William A. Janze
Roy L. Pierce
George Reubelt
Hubert C. Townsend
Clarence Gerber
Rufus Carpenter
Patrick C. Levy, farrier

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