Second Boer War Casualty Report, 20 October 1899

The War Office announced that 31 non-commissioned officers and men were killed and 151 wounded in the fighting between Glencoe and Dundee in Natal on 20 October 1900.

The Huassars had 7 men wounded; the artillery had 1 man killed and 3 men wounded; the Leicestershire Regiment had 1 man wounded; the King’s Rifles had 11 men killed and 68 men wounded; the Irish Fusiliers had 14 men killed and 30 men wounded; the Dublin Fusiliers had 4 men killed and 41 men wounded; and the Natal police had 2 men wounded.

Division Staff

General Sir William Penn Symons of the division staff was mortally wounded in the stomach.
Col. C. E. Beckett, Assistant Adjutant General was severely wounded in his right shoulder.
Major Frederick Hammersley, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General was seriously wounded in the leg.

Brigade Staff

Col. John Sherston, Deputy Staff Officer and Brigade Major was killed. He was a nephew of General Lord Frederick Roberts and accompanied him as his aide de camp on the Kandahar march during the Afghan war.
Capt. F. L. Adam, aide de camp, was seriously wounded in the right shoulder.

Leicestershire Regiment

Lieut. D. W. Weldon was wounded slightly in the hand.

First Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Capt. G. A. Weldon was killed.
2d Lieut. A. H. M. Hill was killed.
Capt. F. H. B. Sonnor was wounded, since dead.
Lieut. C. G. J. Genge was wounded, since dead.
Major W. P. Davidson was wounded.
Capt. J. W. Pike was wounded.
Lieut. C. C. Southey was wounded.
Lieut. H. C. W. Worthan was wounded.
Capt. M. Lowndes was wounded.
Capt. A. Libey was wounded.
Lieut. C. N. Perrean was wounded.
Lieut. M. B. C. Carber was wounded.

King’s Royal Rifles

Lieut. Co. R. H. Gunning was killed. He had served during the Zulu War and the Burma campaign.
Capt. H. K. Pechell was killed.
Lieut. J. Taylor was killed.
Lieut. R. C. barnett was killed.
Lieut. N. J. Hambro was killed.
Major C. A. T. Doultbee was wounded.
Capt. O. S. W. Nugent was wounded.
Capt. A. R. M. Stuart-Wortly was wounded.
Lieut. F. M. Crum was wounded.
Lieut. R. Johnstone was wounded.
Lieut. G. H. Martin was wounded.

Eighteenth Hussars

2d Lieut. H. A. Cape was wounded.
2d Lieut. A. C. McLachlan was wounded.
2d Lieut. E. H. Bayford was wounded.

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