Philippine-American War Casualty Report, 7 April 1899

General Otis cabled from Manila to Adjt. General Corbin the following casualties:

Sgt Edwin W. Wall, Co K, 3rd Art’y., 25 March
Cpl Owen Rowland, Co L, 1st Montana
Albert W. Hartiegen, Troop E, 4th Cav. accidentally shot in barracks on 10 March by Pvt Stolkman (same troop). Hartiegen died 11 March.

Pvt William B. French, Co L, 3rd Art’y. slight wound to forearm
Pvt Fred A. John, Co L, 3rd Art’y. slight wound to hand
Pvt Richard King, Co H, 3rd Art’y. slight scalp wound
2d Lt Lloyd England, Co K, 27th Inf. slight finger wound on 27 March
Sgt William Montgomery, Co K, 27th Inf. slight wound to hand
Pvt William Pyncheon, Co B, 1st Washington. slight wound to hand on 26 March
Pvt George B. Gimas, Co D, 10th Pennsylvania. slight wound to foot on 30 March
Pvt George P. Dickerm, Co C, 1st Colorado. slight shoulder wound on 31 March
Cpl John A. Jones, Co L, 23rd Inf. moderate wound to hand
Pvt William J. Bost, Co G, 1st Montana. severe knee wound
Band Sgt George W. Cowell, Co L, 1st Montana. slight ankle injury
Pvt Frank Laudermann, Co M, 1st Montana. severe chest wound

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