Oak Wood (Oakland) Cemetery

The following are the graves of those who died in Libby Prison, and who were buried in a gravelly ravine just outside of the Oakland Cemetery, one and a half miles out of Richmond. The Commission, through its agents, Messrs. Clarke and A. Lawrence, provided new head-boards, with the names neatly painted, for every grave which could be identified, and procured an order to have the ground fenced in, which was done by the Quartermaster, under their inspection

Oak Wood Cemetery contains the bodies of soldiers buried from Libby Prison. Graves were in vary bad condition; not one in twenty had any mark; many more had only sticks at each end. The colored sexton told us that the poor people had taken off the boards for fuel during the winter. All graves that could in any way be identified, have been marked, as stated above.

H. L. Pierce 5th Md. Asst. Surg.
J. Selrick 1st Md.
W. J. Jemmins
Geo. Pyersin 6th Mich.
Arthur Shill (incomplete)
Lewis O’Lury Co. G 101st O. V.
J. Jinical 13th Penna.
A. Davis 131st
W. Ward 150th Pa.
J. S. Potter 22nd Mich.
H. G. Ling Co. D 24th Mich.
James McDewell 16th Pa.
J. Inhoff Co. H 9th Mass.
Charles Shind 103rd Pa.
J. Trimpert
H. Mitchell Co. D 4th Me.
D. Valentine
A. Hart 37th Wis.
William Robe
Thos. Jones 44th Ohio
Woolcott 1st Mass.
J. Pierce Co. G 5th Mich.
F. Codrag__
F. Japl__ (incomplete)
J. Briggs 7th A.
J. Kilear Co. E 95th N. Y.
W. Waycox
R. Frankl__
C. Peakring
C. Hardien Co. H 151st N. Y.
J. O. Bumin Co. K
A. L. Vanlack Co. G 126th Ohio
Jno. E. Os__ 11th N. Y.
Rugles L__ll 3rd M.
R. R. Labdey 4th Mich.
W. C. Bell__ Co. G
J. E. Crakl__
H. Goodrich Co. G 44th Ill.
Fulton Line__
Jno. Schick 59th Ohio
J. H. Tomsen
Shelton 3rd Tenn.
O. B. Hin__
H. Venman Mass.
J. Dilkson Co. H 77th Pa.
William Dan__
F. Schlotman 110
F. Rabb 16th Pa.
Jno. Cooly
William Cass
J. Cleamond 92nd Ohio
Isaac Stiles
H. E. Eagear Penn.
Wm. Wright 7th
James Decker 76th Pa.
Matly Leic__ 78
G. Zimmerman Co. B 95th N. Y. Granby
J. Bu__ 64th Mich. O. Bryant
H. Hach 52nd N. Y. J. Stock
J. L. Buttran 143rd Pa.
E. Bellows Co. G Wm. Howley
G. Shult B. Bates, C. Parker
Henry Friday 100
H. Cobran Samuel Alexander
G. C. B. Bigdy Co. G 76th
J. Harman 7th Me.
Wm. F. Dim__
Linsey 59th Ohio

Records of the Federal Dead Buried From Libby, Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons and at City Point, and in the Field before Petersburg and Richmond.

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