Cold Harbor

The following list of 141 graves, was prepared by Rev. E. F. Williams, Agent of the Commission, who, with Mr. Gilbert, of the American Bible Society, accompanied Gen. Ord’s detail, sent May 1st 1865, to bury the remains left on the field of battle. The bodies were securely buried, and the graves properly marked, and could now be easily obtained, if desired.

Names of persons killed at Cold Harbor, from Jun 1 to June 12, 1864, who were buried by comrades along our line of works, and their graves properly marked. Left of the road from New to Old Cold Harbor, just beyond common grave No. 1, in the valley, the following names appear:-

Chas. Saunders, Co. F, 82nd P. V. Killed June 1

Jas. Farrell, Co. H, 82nd P. V., of Concord, Erie Co., Pa. Killed Kune 1.

Corp. Albert A. Jones, Co. A, 3rd Conn. Killed June 1. Harrington, Litchfield Co.

Unknown. Enveloped found, addressed “Surgeon Chas. H. Wilson, 49th P. V., Washington, D. C.

1st Lieut. A. B. Blackman, Co. G, 106th N. Y.

S. Hammond, Co. c, 51st N. C. Right-hand side of the road.

Riley Jones, 82nd P. V. Killed June 3.

Will Palmer, Co. B, 82nd P. V. Killed June 3. Grave violated; other graves undisturbed. Just in rear of main line of works.

Jas. E. Ross, Co. D, 122nd N. Y.

Sergt. H. McGlathray, Co. F, 82nd P. V. June 1

Sergt. Benj. S. Young, Co. G, 82nd P. V. June 5

Francis P. Lewis, Co. G, 82nd P. V. June 1

H. L. Wells, Co. K, 82nd P. V.

Lewis C. Hang, Co. B, 3rd N. Y. June 1

A. Eslich, Co. K, 10th N. J.

Edward N. Bower or Bowen, Co. G, 2nd N. J.

Chas. Winckler, Co. H, 10th N. J. Killed June 2.

E. M. M. Marchsess, Battery F, 1st Vt. Art’y. Killed by a shell.

Arthur Foster, Co. C, 1st N. J.

George England.

N. F. Ball, Co. A, 20th Mass. June 3.

1st Lieut. J. B. Thompston, 19th Mass. June 3. Buried under an apple tree, near Gathwright’s house.

Sergt. Stephenson. Could not be buried separate from others. Red stripe on pants indicated artillery.

O. E. Crommett, Co. B, 19th Me. June 9.

H. C. Joice, Co. I, 19th Me. June 9.

D. Chase, Co. B, 20th Me.

Thos. Allen, Co. B, 59th N. Y. Killed June 11.

John Wagenhauser, Co. B, 59th N. Y. June 11.

Wm. Fee, Co. B, 19th Me.

E. D. Two cornelian rings on person, and one with badge og Q.A.C. upon it. In possession of soldier who found them.

Unknown, bearing a medal marked Chas. F. May, Co. A, 15th Mass. Bage of 9th A. C. Small Ambrotype.

[A large number of bodies found in the water, near a fence, with nothing to identify them, save a mark on one of the men, showing that they belonged to the 3rd N. Y. H. A. Now buried.]

Jas. Brown, Co. G, 14th Conn. June 9.

B. Shay, Co. I, 1st U.S.S. Shooters. June 4.

Wm. C. Brown, Co. F, 14th Conn.

Enoch Smith, Co. C, 12th N. J. June 5.

Jas. Ryan, 170th N. Y. June 12.

Sam’l Maltson, 12th N. J. June 4.

Corp. Wm. McDaniels, 12th N. J.

C. C. Mead, Co. H, 12th N. J.

Corp. W. W. Collins, Co. G, 12th N. J. June 3.

Sergt. G. P. Chase, 10th N. Y. June 3.) on one board
David A. Doremus, Co. A, 10th N. Y.?)

H. Searr, Co. I, 1st Del.

Jos. R. Edwards, Co. G, 12th N. J. June 3.

Edw’d Mills, Co. D, 12th N. J. June 3.

Serg’t Wm. W. Warren, Co. A, 1st Del. June 3.

John W. Welsh, Co. G, 69th P. V. Killed June 11.

David R. Snowden, Co. A, 184th P. V. Killed June 3.

Wm. Beach, Co. C. 184th P. V.

Wm. Hadsell or Radsell, Co. G, 154th N. Y. June 5.

Patrick Farrell, 69th N. Y. Deied June 3.

Daniel Ice, 7th W. Va. June 2.

R. R. Myers, Co. C, 7th W. Va. June 5.

2nd Lieut. D. F. Potter, C. A, W. Va. June 3. 2nd A. C.


The foregoing names belong mostly to 6th A. C.


The graves from J. B. Thompson to this last, inclusive, are just in rear of second line of our works, in a line just front of Gathwright’s house, to the right of the road going towards O. Cold Harbor, and in edge of woods front and in rear of a ground line of works going towards Quaker Road, towards our left.


The following names probably belng to men in the 2nd A. C.:

Corp. J. D. Martin, Co. A, 7th W. Va. June 3.

J. Cupp, Co. A, W. Va. June 3.

Albert W. Hendershott, Co. B, 7th A. Va. June 3.

John H. Felty, Co. E, 7th W. Va. June 8.

Patrick McMullen, Co. B, 1st Mass. H. A. June 5.

John W. King, Co. I, 164th N. Y. Killed in action, June 5.

Marmaduke Hill. Near common grave.

T. Wood, Co. F, 10th N. J.

Jos. Howell, Co. F, 82nd P. V.

Corp. E. H. Tarbox, Co. A, 82nd P. V. Killed June 3.

Chas. Saunders, Co. F, 82nd P. V. June 1.

P. A. Fenn, Co. D, 2nd Conn. Killed June 12.

Casper Mongerr, Co. B, 14th N. J. June 11.

A. S. Nethers, rebel/

J. E. Henderson, Co. D, 42nd N. C.

Gilson M. Berryman, Co. F, 42nd N. C.

J. F. Leach, Co. F, 42nd N. C.

Sergt. I. Kennedy, Co. C, 8th Ala. Killed June 7.

N. J. Doris, Co. B, 11th Ala. Right of Quaker road, and with other graves previously mentioned, toward Holt’s House.

Chas. E. Byus, Co. E, 2nd Md., rebel Inf’y. Killed June 3.

M. Leggite, Co. H, Orris’ Reg’t, S. C.


There are several other graves marked, belonging to this Reg’t, on the right side of the road, in the woods, just after you pass a little stream which crosses the road a few rods from Steward’s house.


South east of Peter McGee’s house:-

M. W. Beddick, Co. K, 53rd P. V.

J. Hosmer, Co. K, 53rd P. V.

C. E. Besom, Co. K, 53rd P. V.


East of the house, in a little valley, under the garden:-

Lt. Thomas McClure, Batt’y F, 7th N.Y.H.A. Killed June 4.
“Peace to his ashes; we have lost a brave, faithful, good officer, beloved by all of his company. His loss can never be replaced. Sacred by the spot that holds his remains.”

Geo. Adams and Chas. Edgerton, Co. B, 7th N.Y.H.A. June 3.

J. Koomtz, Co. C, 148th P. V. June 3.

W. H. Humphreys, Co. H, 64th N. Y. June 4.

J. Cary, Co. A, 40th P. V.

Grave near cherry tree, not far from last grave mentioned, which is on Martin’s place, in woods, marked,    Miller, ___ Vt. June 11.

Sergt. J. W. Hutchinson, Batt’y A, 1st Vt. Killed June 10. His grave is on left of Old Cold Harbor road, opposite Gathwright’s house.

Sgt. J. D. Cunningham, Co. B, 48=9th P. V. June 7. Under a wild cherry directly opposite Gathwright’s house.

Two graves at foot of hill, marking obliterated. Fine head-boards.

Lt. C. S. Shepherd, Co. G, 106th N. Y. June 1.

Corp’l H. R. Putnam, Co. D, 118th N. Y. Killed June 3.

W. DOugherty, Co. A, 118th N. Y. Killed June 10.

Geo. Speer, Co. C, 2nd Conn.

C. C. Hall, 4th N. J.

G. W. Parmeter, Co. B, 92nd N. Y.

John H. Wilson, Co. H. 2nd R.I.

Anson G. Smith, Co. K, 2nd R.I.


Several detached head-boards, either pulled up ruthlessly, or more probably, left on the ground after the bodies had been removed, marked as follows:

Riley Jones, Co. A, 82nd P. V. June 3.

Jas. Gallagher, Co. G, 122nd N. Y.

Found on a pair of drawers:- S. J. Grimes, Co. D, 155th N. Y.

Lucian, 164th N. Y.


Edge of Pine Woods, opposite Gathwright’s house:

First Lt. Chas. P. Glauphlin, Co. F, 138th P. V.

Franklin Putt, Co B, 55th P. V.

Charles M. Davis, Co. H, 55th P. V.

Corporal Zeringer, Co. A, 148th N. Y.

F. L. Hillgars, Co. B, 148th N. Y. June 3.

John Slater, Co. F, 148th N. Y.

J. P. R., Co. D, 148th N. Y.

C. White, Co. C, 148th N. Y.

Henry Goodrich, C. D, 115th N. Y. June 3rd.

Edward Coules, Co. K, 115__

Corporal H. B. Putnam, Co. D, 118th N. Y. June 3rd.

William Dougherty, Co. A, 118th N. Y. June 10th. Across, under a cherry tree, near front of Gathwright’s house.

Sergeant George Bolton, Co. B, 77th N. Y. June 4th.

Wm. E. Cole, Co. H, 77th N. Y. June 3. Common grave No. 7.

Adam Beltey, 138th P. V., 2nd Div.

L. Logan, Co. K, 8th Me. June 4.

Ord. Sergt. S. M. McGlathing.

Sergt. Benj. S. Young, Co. G, 82nd P. V. Killed June 5.

Lewis C. Hang, Co. B, 3rd N. Y.

Sergt. Finnegan, Co. D, 7th N.Y.H.A. June 3.

Hiram Froego, 7th N.Y.H.A. June 3.

Edward Mills, 12th N. Y. June 3.

Saml. Matthews, Co. I, 12th N. Y. June 1.

Corpl. C. C. Mead, 12th N. J. June 3.

Jos. Rob’t Edwards, Co. I, 12th N. J. June 3.

Corpl. Wm. Collins, Co. G, 12th N. J. June 3.

Corpl. Wm. McDaniels, Co. B, 12th N. J. June 3.

Enoch H. Smith, Co. C, 12th N. J. June 5.

Wm. Harris, Co. A, 71st P. V. June 10.

Sergt. Wm. Warner, Co. A, 1st Del. Killed June 3.

John ____, Co. H, 69th P. V. June 4.

A. G. Clark, Co. F, 69th P. V. June 4.


The above graves, from Sergt. McGlathing to this last, inclusive, are about forty rods southeast of common grave Ni. 4, under locust trees, just behind our breastworks.


Wm. marsten, Co. H, 145th P. V., 1st Div. 2nd A.C. Killed June 4. North of common grave No. 5.


West of Peter McGee’s house:-

E. T. Barstow, Co. B, 184th P. V. June 3.

A. G. Ward, Co. D, 84th P. V. June 3.

A. Green, Co. B, 184th P. V. June 3.

J. Hellry, Co. I, 53rd P. V.

Dan’l Dow, Co. H, 5th N. H. Killed June 8.

C. F. Been, Co. K, 53rd P. V.

J. Hosmer, Co. K, 53rd P. V.

M. W. Redlich, Co. K, 53rd P. V.

Sergt. W. S. Hazzard, 152nd N. Y. June 3.

Corpl. D. H. Lewis, 152nd N. Y. June 3.


Three graves may be found on McGee’s place.

C. C. Hall, Co. E, 4th N. J. June 2.

R. Coules, Co. D, 27th Mass.

Records of the Federal Dead Buried From Libby, Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons and at City Point, and in the Field before Petersburg and Richmond.

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