Belle Isle

The Cemetery at Belle Isle has been fenced in by the Commission, but the head-boards remain as when the city was occupied, the names being carved in, not painted.

Nearly all of the graves marked with head boards. Names well cut in by the knives of comrade soldiers.

R, Gillingham Co. B 72nd P. V. 2 February 1864
T. Herkness Co. H 154th N. Y. 28 January 1864
Edward Brissell Co. D 5th Iowa 25 December 1863
B. Stephens Co. C 45th N. Y. 5 January 1864
I. Alts Co. A 2 January 1864
W. Landon Co. G 3 January 1864
I. Kent Co. D 3 January 1864
H. T. Moss 4th Me. 3 January 1864
J. R. Kemple Co. B I. V. 4 January 1864
J. Oipper Co. F 63rd O. 4 January 1864
A. G. Woodburn Co. H 1st Va. 4 January 1864
C. Schneider Co. E 19th J. Cav. 28 December 1863
F. Gregory Co. C 18th P. V. 5 June 1864
G. Hilber Co. I 11th Ky 5 January 1864
W. Graham Co. D 1st U. S. I. 5 January 1864
H. Crow Co. E 72nd P. V. 5 January 1864
J. Ashford Co. C 5th Ind. 9 January 1864
B. Sheneler Co. I 16th Me. 9 January 1864
S. B. Paul Co. A 1st Ky 5 January 1864
George Hale Co. D 120th N. Y. 17 February 1864
F. Biggord Co. A 45th O. February 1864
H. Whittim Co. D 10th Wis. 26 January 1864
G. W. Nudham Co. E 2nd Tenn 23 January 1865
R. Styes Co. G Loudon Rang. 26 January 1865
John Lewis Co. G 11th Ky 1 February 1864
W. Connoy 19 February 1864 citizen
McConnanekel Co. L 16th Ill. 22 February 1864
S. H. Miller Co. I 12th Mass. 22 February 1864
W. Welch Co. G 14th Conn. 25 February 1864
McGinnes Co. M 14th P. V. 18 February 1864
O. Watherspoon Co. I 75th O. 23 December 1863
J. Sharp Co. F 57th P. V. 23 December 1863
T. Dihey Co. B 151st N. Y. 19 December 1863
Ollis Shindler Co. F 31st Miss. 13 December 1863
R. Reortburn Co. E 2nd Tenn. 11 December 1863
Nathaniel Bartlett Co. C 16th Me. 10 December 1863
Er__ Pettijilu Co. A 27th Minn. 10 January 1863
Reuben Ladd Co. H 4th Vt. 8 December 1863
Henri Palmer Co. A 123rd O. 8 December 1863
M. Corcoran C. A 28th Mass. 7 December 1863
Q. M. Taylor Co. E 154th N. Y. 3 December 1863
Claus West Co. A 92nd N. Y. 29 November 1863
Dennis Ryan 24 November 1863 citizen
N. Marsh C. E Ringold’s Battery 22 November 1863
M. Kidd Co. H 1st Ky. 18 November 1863
W. Sledmond Co. H 8th Tenn. Cav. 17 November 1863
C. Tatter Co. B 20th Ind. 17 November 1863
G. Gabbits Co. C 6th N. Y. 17 November 1863
Wm. Kute Co. G 1st Mich. Cav. 14 November 1863
Ch. Martin Co. C 18th Mass 14 November 1863
Dan Gorton Co. B 45th O. 14 November 1863
Jesse Hill Co. C 71st P. V. 14 November 1863
C. Putts Band 14th U.S. 29 January 1864
S. N. Grove Co. H 45th O. 31 June 1864
P. J. Mahoney Co. D 12th Mich. shot
Ed. R. Clark 14 September 1863
T. Myers Co. A 8th Pa. Cav. 22 September 1864
B. Willis Co. H 30th Ind. 6 October 1863
Nie Jentees Co. I 2nd Wis. 8 October 1863
A. Clark Co. G 6th Wis. 4 October 1863
John Sprague Co. I 12th P. V. 10 December 1863
A. Lamoreau Co. D 143rd P. V. 20 October 1863
W. Limbarter Co. F 4th Mich. 24 October 1863 shot
H. Slory Co. H 4th Md. 27 October 1863
John McKinsy Co. K 75th O. 31 October 1863
John Vansel Co. B 1st Tenn. Cav. 12 November 1863
Dav_ Ridg_ Co. I 45th November 1863
W. Risling Co. E 76th P. V. 2 November 1863
W. Fisthaner Co. B 107th Ohio 27 October 1863
M. Oloden Co. A 4th Mich. 27 October 1863
Alf. Montrison Co. H 154th N. Y. 12 October 1863
Wil. Sanders Co. G 2nd W. Tenn. 20 October 1863
W. Starkweather Co. D 64th Rifles, N.Y. 16 October 1863
A. D. Brotschi Co. G 173rd N. Y. 8 October 1863
John Recom Co. K 7th N. J. 7 October 1863
G. W. Adcloser Co. L 1st Md. Cav. 25 September 1863
Wm. Meng Co. I 28th Ill. 15 September 186_
L. Butcher Co. M 7th Ohio Cav. 7 February 1864
A. Burns Co. D 1st N. Y. 5 February 1864
W. Hoffman Co. E 11th N. Y. 5 February 1864
P. Wolf Co. E 1st Tenn. 5 January 1864
W. W. Gracee Co. F 46th P. V.
Chas. Tinkpunner Co. K 73rd N. Y. 26 December 1863
H. Waters Co. G 126th N. Y. 26 December 1863
S. H. Spees Co. G 45th Ohio 25 December 1863
P. Curran Co. K 14th N. J. 14 November 1863
Wilh. Detrow Co. D 10th Ky. 14 October 1863
John White Co. G 150th N. Y. 13 November 1863
W. Rickett Co. H 97th N. Y. 8 November 1863 shot
S. Weeber Co. F 124th Ohio 1 November 1863
R. Richards Co. D 4th Me. 28 October 1863
J. Conray Co. I 2nd U. S. 27 October 1863
James Taylor Co. B 100th Ohio 20 October 1863
W. Clemment Co. E 12th N. H. 20 October 1863
Sam’l Vulso Co. F 13th P. V. Cav. 17 October 1863
Jos. Asher Co. B 10th Wis. 8 October 1863
Jos. Domer Co. B 100th Ohio 7 October 1863
John Assar Co. E 4th Me. Cav. 09/28/63
Dan’l walker Co. A 100th N. Y. S. V.
E. Maxfield Co. G 122nd O. V. I.
Wm. Allen Co. F 2nd Md. 31 January 1864
J. Seller Co. I 10th Va. 31 January 1864
A. Washburn Co. I 14th N. Y.
James North Co. K 154th N. Y. 18 September 1863
A. Beardsley Co. K 10th N. Y. Cav. 3 October 1863
D. Johnston Co. I 125th N. Y. 7 October 1863
W. F. Hendri Co. D 11th N. Y. Cav. 18 October 1863
__ Hammacher Co. K 88th Ill. 17 October 1863
B. Bowman Co. F 2nd Pa. Cav. 20 October 1863
A. Smith Co. A 104th N. Y. 25 October 1863
Jos. Graham Co. E 105th P. V. 27 October 1863
Francis Thorp Co. B 49th N. Y. 31 October 1863
J. Miller Co. A 2nd W. Tenn. Cav. 1 November 1863
H. Seister Co. H 52nd N. Y. 9 November 1863
Jas. Tibbit Co. H 20th Ind. 13 November 1863
H. Lochran Co. I 2nd Va. 14 November 1863
W. E. O. Dyne 26 December 1863
W. Barnard Co. A 2nd Tenn. 18 February 1864
J. Weber Co. K 2nd Me. 18 February 1864
C. Wheeler Co. F 14th Conn. 17 February 1863
H. Lewis Co. E 119th P. V. 12 February 1864
T. Evans Co. A 11th Tenn. 9 February 1864
M. S. Leidsinger Co. C 56th P. V. 3 February 1864
R. Cillengham Co. B 73rd P. V. 6 February 1864
J. Hawsey Co. H 95th N. Y. 9 February 1864

Records of the Federal Dead Buried From Libby, Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons and at City Point, and in the Field before Petersburg and Richmond.

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