Record of Federal Dead

Records of the Federal Dead Buried From Libby, Belle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons and at City Point, and in the Field before Petersburg and Richmond.

Published by the U.S. Christian Commission, From Reports of its Agents.

The work of examining and cataloging the graves of the heroes of the Secession War, in and around Richmond, was undertaken in behalf of friends at home, to save them the weary task of groping among the dead for their loved and lost ones. The results of the work, which was carried on by the Agents of the Christian Commission, under the direction of Hen. C. Houghton, Chief of the Individual Relief Department, are embodied in the following pamphlet, which can lay claim to only an approximate accuracy. Further search might furnish additional particulars, and we doubt not that such search will be made. But even in aid of this, the records here given will be valuable.

The following statements will help give a correct impression of the condition of the graves in the different burial-places mentioned, and an estimate of the probability that there have been other soldiers buried, of whom no identification can now be made.

In all lists, the graves are given in the order in which they lie.

The lists of Danville and Camp Lawton were copied from an official record; all the others were taken from the boards put up by comrades. In many cases the marks are in pencil, and will soon fade out. In others, the boards, which are often rude and small, will soon decay, and the possibility of identification cease, unless some friendly hand interpose with a more lasting memorial. Quartermaster-General Meigs is already giving attention to this important matter; and it is to be hoped that all our honored dead will be gathered out of all the battle-fields into permanent and beautiful cemeteries, where their names, cut in stone, will be read as long as their deeds are remembered and loved.

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