8 August 1863

This is a list of all the men (union and confederate) who died in hospitals at Beaufort and Port Royal, South Carolina between 1st July and 4th August, 1863.

Names Rank Regt Date Cause
C. H. Dearborn Co. D, 4th NH July 20th chronic diarrhea
H. Smith Co. A, 104th Penn July 19th cordiac [sic] disease
C. O. K. Davis Co. A, 3rd NH 1st* typhoid fever
Horace J. Hall Co. B, 3rd NH July 19th typhoid fever
J. H. Keley Sgt Co. H, 3rd NH July 21st typhoid fever
William Hatch Co. H, 9th Maine 1st* typhoid fever
Hiram Culton Co. E, 9th Maine July 10th typhoid fever
Alvin Esters Co. A, 9th Maine July 11th typhoid fever
J. E. Cushman Co. C, 9th Maine July 20th wounds
A. T. Williams Co. K, 9th Maine July 24th wounds
J. Sweeny Cpl Co. H, 9th Maine July 28th wounds
S. E. Callamore Co. H, 8th Maine 1st* disease of heart
J. A. Farnham Co. K, 8th Maine 1st* remittent fever
B. F. Hawkes Co. B, 8th Maine 1st* typhoid fever
H. S. Firbich Co. C, 8th Maine 4th* typhoid fever
A. Littlefield Co. C, 8th Maine July 6th typhoid fever
J. T. Dutch Co. C, 8th Maine July 8th typhoid fever
Jacob Dodge Co. G, 8th Maine July 22nd typhoid fever
Robert Tray Co. C, 8th Maine July 23rd bleeding of lungs
Lewis Tillhover Co. A, 100th NY July 24th wounds
John Lonard Co. G, 100th NY July 27th wounds
Wm. Fetterling Co. K, 100th NY July 28th wounds
J. W. Stailey Co. E, 174th Penn 4th* congestive fever
P. Fisher Co. H, 174th Penn July 6th typhoid fever
C. F. Blackburn Co. I, 62nd Ohio July 22nd wounds
I. L. Abel Cpl Co. H, 115th NY 2nd* typhoid fever
Paul Crandell Co. G, 115th NY July 6th typhoid fever
Geo Cassidy Co. D, 115th NY July 8th typhoid fever
Geo Calony Co. C, 115th NY July 8th typhoid fever
L. McIntosh Co. G, 115th NY July 11th typhoid fever
H. S. Baker Co. B, 115th NY July 12th consumption
C. M. Burbee Co. C, 115th NY July 25th typhoid fever
Thos Hart Co. B, 1st US Art’y July 5th typhoid fever
Wm. Welch Co. G, 24th Mass July 22nd typhoid fever
J. H. Tell Sgt Co. E, 7th NH July 20th wounds
J. C. Brown Cpl Co. C, 76th Penn July 20th wounds
Wm Jiss Co. B, 48th NY July 11th typhoid fever
F. H. Earl Co. M, 1st Mass Cav July 24th jaundice
M. Minry Co. B, 3rd RI Art’y July 5th typhoid fever
Henry Hart 7th Conn 1st* jaundice
Simon Pete civilian refugee 4th* chronic diarrhea
J. V. Dozier Cpl 21st SC July 13th wounds
Jno S. Bee Ltn 1st SC Art’y July 18th wounds
J. A. Prince prisoner of war July 30th typhoid fever
D. E. Coverly Co. C, 7th NH July 19th wounds
I. H. Worcester Ltn Co. H, 7th NH July 26th wounds
Mervin McLean Co. D, 39th ILL 1st*
Jos Trent Co. A, 62nd Ohio 1st*
I. I. Long Co. K, 67th Ohio 1st*
E. Waters Co. I, 52nd Penn 1st*
Wm H. Launch Co. E, 115th NY
W. H. Weenish Sgt Co. B, 55th Penn 4th*
Isaac Parfit Co. C, 55th Penn July 8th
John Gow Co. A, 115th NY July 8th
Frank H. Smith Co. F, 176th Penn July 10th
A. A. Stone Co. F, 174th Penn July 16th
Michael Burns Co. C, 3rd RI July 16th
John A. Fill Co. A, 8th Maine July 16th
Noah Robinson Co. I, 62nd Ohio July 29th wounds
C. V. Style Co. H, 48th NY July 28th wounds
H. C. Henshaw Cpl Co. K, 100th NY July 30th wounds
Edward Hillman Co. C, 67th Ohio July 29th wounds
H. G. Morrow Sgt Co. B, 67th Ohio July 26th wounds
Danl C. Leggett Adjt Co. B, 67th Ohio July 31st wounds
J. O. Taxton Capt Co. D, 48th NY July 31st wounds
J. M. Hurst Co. A, Chas. Bat. July 26th wounds
Moses Spinker Co. A, 55th Penn July 22nd wounds
J. M. Kreason Co. D, 7th NH July 26th wounds
Peter Kress Co. B, 100th NY July 25th wounds
A. J. Forrest Ltn Co. B, 62nd Ohio July 24th wounds
Thos Manima Co. C, 62nd Ohio July 24th wounds
Andrew Sylvester Co. G, 115th NY July 22nd wounds
Saml Smith Co. D, 9th Maine July 23rd wounds
F. Luckman Co. C, 100th NY July 22nd wounds
Tracy D. Wait Co. C, 76th Penn July 23rd wounds
Thos Cummings Co. E, 97th Penn July 30th sun stroke
Andrew Keitzer Co. G, 176th Penn July 18th jaundice
Joseph Mayor Co. B, 176th Penn July 19th chronic diarrhea
Patrick Mulligan Co. B, 3rd NY Art’y July 26th pluralisis
Ezekiel Athearn Co. A, 8th Maine August 4th typhoid fever
A. Born Cpl Co. A, 67th Ohio 4th* chronic diarrhea
H. C. Christy Com Sgt 115th NY 2nd* chronic diarrhea
C. P. Lnfkin Co. C, 24th Mass 1st* contusion from round shot
J. Kelly Co. F, 3rd RI 4th* typhoid fever
Jos Goodale Cpl Co. K, 7th Conn 2nd* wounds
David W. Fowle Co. B, 7th NH 3rd* wounds
J. W. West Sgt Co. C, 7th NH July 5th wounds

* only the day and not the month was included in the list; these men could have died in either month.

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