Missouri Claims 1877

The following people from Missouri made successful claims that they furnished quartermaster stores or supplies to the Union Army during the Civil War. Each claimant was required, under the Act of 4 July 1864, to prove their case and this list, dated 17 January 1877, shows the names, residences and amounts approved by the Third Auditor and Second Comptroller since 7 December 1874. In some cases the auditor and comptroller did not agree and those will be shown on a separate list.

Number Claimant County Amount
42,370 Caleb Hopkins  110.00
39,685 James Dillard Audrain County225.00
42,108 Frederick Bockelman Benton County80.00
42,191 Robert C. Berry Calloway County115.00
39,677 George Moore Cass County250.00
42,410 Peter H. Speas Cass County257.50
38,866 Johnson Stultz Cass County187.50
38,865 Robert S. Symington Cass County372.00
39,851 Clayton Van Hoy Cass County1,645.00
42,331 George A. Clapp Christian County120.00
42,427 John H. Woody, administrator of Abraham Woody, deceased Christian County113.75
42,456 W. H. Wyncore Clay County311.00
49,853 D. W. Matthis Clinton County53.50
42,303 Mason S. Peters Clinton County110.00
40,842 Francis L. Wadley Cooper County275.00
42,441 Frederick Meier Franklin County252.00
42,169 Henry Williams Franklin County106.25
40,686 Luther Hansford Greene County32.00
41,960 L. A. Robertson Green County166.00
34,918 Foster P. Wright Henry County773.00
42,346 Henry P. Russell Iron County10.92
39,682 David Graham Jackson County130.00
39,819 Jacob Kreeger Jackson County1,687.50
40,664 William Lynch Jackson County180.00
40,839 Colin C. Campbell Johnson County317.80
40,594 James Young La Fayette County891.00
40,818 L. R. Rupard Laclede County6.00
42,382 John Sidler Laclede County188.00
41,962 Andrew Withers Lawrence County9.00
40,973 Andrew Withers Lawrence County12.00
36,263 Ole Kneedson Linn County168.00
39,779 Burrilla Gorham Macon County320.00
40,222 William Scrutchfield Macon County270.00
39,885 Thomas B. Grigsby Madison County36.50
39,829 Mary R. Vance Madison County297.50
36,168 James A. Burditt Marion County168.00
35,535 Nancy Johnson administratrix of the estate of Pleasant Johnson, deceased, late of Newton County69.00
41,951 Charles H. Barber Pettis County60.00
34,907 Joseph C. Higgins Pettis County1,918.50
26,315 W. B. Shelby, and Dorothy, his wife, and others (supplemental settlement No. 2,377, March 21, 1873) Pettis County696.00
42,447 Lucy C. Acock Polk County85.00
40,925 Archibald Hopper, executor of the last will and testament of Daniel Moulder, deceased, late of Polk County50.00
42,448 Joseph Campbell Pulaski County70.00
39,471 Catherine Handy, administratrix of the estate of John Sikes, deceased, late of Scott County70.60
38,938 Daniel Graham Vernon County400.00
42,385 Samuel Winningham Webster County220.00

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