Kentucky Claims 1877

The following people from Kentucky made successful claims that they furnished quartermaster stores or supplies to the Union Army during the Civil War. Each claimant was required, under the Act of 4 July 1864, to prove their case and this list, dated 17 January 1877, shows the names, residences and amounts approved by the Third Auditor and Second Comptroller since 7 December 1874. In some cases the auditor and comptroller did not agree and those will be shown on a separate list.

Number Claimant County Amount
42,304& John F. Alloway Union County60.00
40,689 James F. Austin Ohio County60.00
39,963 James T. Baker Cumberland County87.00
39,734 Lemuel K. Baker Cumberland County50.00
39,036 Joseph Ballow Pulaski County286.56
42,188 John M. Barber Jefferson County75.00
40,933 Albert Bergen Shelby County150.00
33,250 Julicott S. Berry, administratrix, with the will annexed,
of Thomas S. Berry, deceased, late of
Whitley County338.57
40,437 James C. Bradford Scott County3,411.00
39,498 E. B. Caldwell Lincoln County8.01
41,944 G. H. Champlin Christian County200.00
40,003 Elizabeth Chaudoin, guardian of the infant children
of A. J. Chaudoin, deceased, late of
Green County16.00
39,848 R. H. Chism Monroe County209.56
39,828 Amanda Clark, administratrix of the estate of John Clark, deceased, late of Lincoln County58.40
42,235 B. F. Cloyes Graves County30.00
40,640 J. P. Coffman Webster County110.00
42,134 Peter H. Conant Livingston362.40
42,198 Alexander Cox Knox County31.00
41,916 John L. Cross, administrator of the estate of Benjamin Lefler, deceased, late of La Rue County175.50
42,199 William M. Crutcher Franklin County80.00
42,319 Alanson T. Curd Jefferson County296.00
42,000 Joseph S. Dickinson Todd County152.00
42,173 John Downey Hardin County250.00
40,852 Sidney S. Dunbar Adair County10.50
42,072 R. Scrogin Eastin Henderson County225.00
40,836 Charles Edmonds Meade County120.00
39,958 James Elkin Clark County135.00
40,027 B. C. Embry Green County216.30
42,450 Joseph Faulconer Boyle County1,064.00
30,815 J. and J. W. Faulkner, administrators of the estate of
Daniel Faulkner, deceased, late of
Whitley County63.10
39,957 W. P. Fowler Livingston County155.00
39,934 Samuel K. Greer Johnson County24.50
42,261 Jane Griffith Adair County60.00
42,474 W. A. Hayden, administrator of the estate of Joel H. Hayden, deceased Crittenden County135.00
42,398 John Helton Knox County100.00
42,421 John A. Hodge Crittenden County250.00
42,420 William Hoffman Montgomery County287.50
42,340 Jonathan B. Hutchison Pulaski County250.00
40,127 William Hyden Pulaski County225.00
33,900 John Jarvis Jefferson County92.75
40,512 John W. Kennedy Hart County135.00
42,452 Andrew C. King Whitley County86.40
42,277 Robert Langston Barbour County625.00
40,624 Richard C. Lawson White County11.36
42,342 Opie Lindsey Lincoln County327.50
42,325 Elijah D. Lock Hart County164.40
42,402 Jacob H. Lock Barren County120.00
42,279 Samuel Long Cumberland County160.00
42,218 Josiah Mitchell Green County124.25
40,716 John Moran Barren County155.00
40,121 William B. Noel and William H. Kennaird, executors of the last will and
testament of Edmund Byars, deceased, late of
Gerrard County74.00
  A. E> Owen   100.00
42,222 James B. Partin Knox County110.00
41,959 Green B. Price La Rue County628.75
42,378 James Price Grant County220.00
42,287 James G. Queen Jefferson County180.00
40,825 E. Richardson Louisville130.00
42,391 Ida K. Shreve and J. M. V. Shreve Jr, heirs at law of J. M. V. Shreve Sr, deceased Green County279.21
40,873 W. H. Smith Jefferson County469.00
  Franklin Spalding   13.85
42,137 Henry Stovall Hardin County226.00
39,939 Garrett Suddith Boyle County115.00
42,334 John Terry Jefferson County10.00
39,763 Benjamin Thompson McLean County450.00
33,261 Burwell S. Tipton Montgomery County353.40
42,290 George L. Torian Trigg County80.00
40,267 Henry L. Tye Whitley County81.57
42,293 R. D. Wade Grant County51.00
42,263 John Q. Wait, administrator of Cyrenus Wait deceased Pulaski County1,768.43
40,546 Amos S. Wallace Hart County125.00
39,764 C. W. Ware Todd County155.00
39,850 Weeks & Long Fayette County43.76
42,383 Jerome B. Wells Ohio County160.00
42,394 John Whane Shelby County140.00
39,899 John D. White, administrator of Dougherty White, deceased, late of Clay County405.50
39,266 H. T. Wilson Barbour County150.00
42,432 James P. Wilson Hart County273.75
42,004 Frank Winter Jefferson County125.00
39,780 Foster P. Wright Christian County100.00
42,409 Samuel T. Wyatt Hart County274.20
38,914 William Yates, deceased, late of Lincoln County67.55

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