Officers and Men aboard the Ship Defence, 1776

A List of the Officers and Men on Board the Ship Defence the 19th of September 1776

George Cook, Commander
Henry Auchentick 1st Ltn.
John Burnell, 2nd Ltn.
James Cordray, Master
John Hale, Chief Mate
Nathnl. Cooper, 2nd Mate
Levin Langle, 3rd Mate
Peter Sharp, Midshipman
James Rownds, Midshipman
Archibald Douglass, Midshipmen
William Carter, Midshipmen
Francis Muir, Capt. Clerk
James Hasty, Quartermaster
John Wright, Quartermaster
James Falconer, Quartermaster
Chas. Chamberlane, Quartermaster
Anthony Hanson, Boatswain
Benjamin Simpson, Boatswain
John Barr, Boatswain
James Hawkins, Yeoman
John Berryman, Gunner
Henry Rentford, Gunner’s Mate
William Piercey, Yeoman
James Arne, Qr. Gunner
Mathew Murray, Armourer
George Rowen, Master at Arms
Wm. Beauchamp, Carpenter
William Prince, Carpenter’s Mate
Alex. Cummings, Carpenter’s Crew
Wm. Howard, Carpenter’s Crew
Nathan Ross, Carpenter’s Crew
Joseph Dunbar, Cooper
Joseph Burge, Ship Steward
Fran. Jackquelin, Cabin Steward
James Gaggen, Cook
James Greer, Armourer’s Mate
Fran. Hurburt, Able Seaman
Alex. Duffey, Rated Qr. Master Oct. 23rd
Nathan Dorsey, Surgeon
James Hagan, Able Seaman
Joseph Walpole, Able Seaman
James Giffard, Able Seaman
James Allen, Able Seaman
Wm. Partus, Able Seaman
Colin Brown, Able Seaman
John Valiant, Able Seaman
Wm. Gaggen, Able Seaman
Dennis Larkins, Able Seaman
Thomas Howard, Able Seaman
William Hurburt, Able Seaman
Christr. Short, Able Seaman
Alex. Nicholson, Able Seaman
David Primrose, Able Seaman
Willm. King, Able Seaman
John Knight, Able Seaman
Henry Carberry, Able Seaman
Wm. Fleming, Able Seaman
John Crapper, Able Seaman
Joseph Jones, Ordinary Seaman
Hoshier Cole, Ordinary Seaman
Henry Gilbert, Ordinary Seaman
Thomas Gilbert, Ordinary Seaman
Robert Fosset, Ordinary Seaman
Dennis Foloue, Ordinary Seaman
Richard Sutton, Ordinary Seaman
Patrick Cole, Ordinary Seaman
Charles Blunt, Ordinary Seaman
Daniel Nevin, Ordinary Seaman
Robert Hope, Ordinary Seaman
Thomas Green, Ordinary Seaman
James Barry, Ordinary Seaman
John McIntyre, Ordinary Seaman
Samuel Wolf, Ordinary Seaman
James Bradford, Ordinary Seaman
William Trott, Ordinary Seaman
Joshua Ozier, Ordinary Seaman
Lynn Sarmer, Ordinary Seaman
James Collins, Ordinary Seaman
James Green, Ordinary Seaman
Thomas Moore, Ordinary Seaman
Abel Mason, Ordinary Seaman
Richard Cockey, Ordinary Seaman
Samuel Wilson, Ordinary Seaman
Joseph Dennis, Ordinary Seaman
John McKennie, Ordinary Seaman
Benjamin Thompson, Ordinary Seaman
Jacob Sutton, Ordinary Seaman
John Vaughan, Ordinary Seaman
Abram Strong, Ordinary Seaman
Moses Scott, Ordinary Seaman
Timothy Kelly, Ordinary Seaman
John Smyley, Ordinary Seaman
Bazil Smith, Ordinary Seaman
Robert McDonald, Ordinary Seaman
John Davis, Ordinary Seaman
William Adair, Ordinary Seaman
Thomas Buckley, Cabin Boy
James Brown, Cabin Boy
Samuel Church, Surgeon’s Mate
Francis Muir, Purser
Garret Brown, Capt. Marines
Thomas Walker, 1st Ltn.
Joseph Smith, 2nd Ltn.
William Morris, 3rd Ltn.
William Radford, Sergeant
Vachel Yates, Sergeant
Michael Craig, Sergeant
Wm. DeCourcey, Sergeant
Thomas Roberts, Drummer
William Matthews, Corporal
Alexander Stanton, Corporal
Ezekiel Disney, Private
Robert Conner, Private
Michael Conway, Private
William Bishop, Private
William Grantham, Private
John Schea, Private
Charles McNealis, Private
Simon Trainer, Private
William Askins, Private
John Squible, Private
William Judges, Private
John Power, Private
Benjamin Sutton, Private
John Garvey, Private
Morgan Murphy, Private
James Cadey, Private
Conrad McGuire, Private
John Grant, Private
Barth. Deloray, Private
Thomas Crow, Private
John Donavin, Private
Moses Greer, Private
Robert Wilmott, Private
Henry Carr, Private
William Porter, Private
John Lemmon, Private
Edward Gibbons, Private
William Sohan, Private
James Armstrong, Private
John Wilson, Private
William Huggard, Private
James McGill, Private
Philip Handly, Private
Waltely Masters, Private
Barny McManus, Private
William Davis, Private
James Smith, Private
Clement Tossuir, Loblolly Boy

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