Co G, 22nd National Guard New York Marksmen, 21 May 1901

The following soldiers of Company G, Twenty-second Regiment National Guard New York (N.G.N.Y.) qualified as marksmen using rifles at the Creedmoor range on 21 May 1901.

1st Sgt E. S. Taussing
Sgt E. M. Wilford
Sgt E. F. Webb
Sgt E. D. Jardine
QM S. W. Schramm
Cpl A. A. Swainskie
J. Fliege
L. Baily
C. L. Field
A. Webb
J. Dick
P. F. Burns
K. D. Buchanan
A. D. Levien
T. Neiland
A. Schlesinger
W. J. Fogarty
E. Carrette
L. Fitzer
W. Lobig
R. L. Forbes
G. Schafer
E. E. Kragel

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