The Providence, 1694

A list of the Comanders and Seamen aboard of the Providence quherof Captain John Bosuall is Comander, taken up be Baillie Robert Faa in Dumbar conform to his commisione be the Commissioners and Lords of Thesaurarie, upon the sixtein day of April 1694.

David Young

David Balfouer

George Rellick

David Gray

James Robertsone

William Abercrombie

James Allexander
Robert Forrestdaill
James Kilgour
Henry Andersone
James Whyt
James gedd
James Kaidzie
Steven Philp
Thomas Playfair
David Wald
John Carnagy
Robert Crystie
David Bennaty
John Kaidzie
James law
James Dick
John Robertsone
James Allexander
James Bruce
William Stocks
Henry Stevensone
Andrew Gourlay
John Bavverage
Patrick Murray
David Drysdaill
John Boswall
Charles Smith
Robert Richie
Francis Hendersone
William Orack
William Ending
John Archbald
David Miller
James Bavard
Henry Lindsay
James Johnston
Andrew Kay
Samuell Halyday
John Forbes
Allexander Aitkin

Mathew Dick
William Law
John Archbald

A list of the officers and land soldiers aboard of the Providence.

John Dupont

James Dickson
James Bilson

William Shot
Patrick Wilsone

William Forbess
Allexander Robertsone
John Dean
James Gary
John Lindsay
James Porteous
James Wright
Andrew Law
George Mackdonald
Peter Wilson
Andrew Witherington
Mathew Whyt
William Bevverly
Alexander Smith, elder
Alexander Smith, younger
Allexander Merston
Robert Hardy
George Roos
Henry Cumming
John Nicoll
William Barty
John Croose
Thomas Davison, drumer
William Avass
John Mill
John Whyt
Ferguss Mackenno
William Grahame
Andrew Davidsone
John Mack Robert
James Scot
John Campbell
David Borthwick
Gilbert Richie
James Prymor
Thomas Barcla
George Buchannan
John Glenny
Robert Reed
James Pyper
John Humphy
Allexander Strachan
John Baity
John Floyde
George Robinsone
William Mackfarlane
John Murray

Grant, James, ed., The Old Scots Navy from 1689 to 1710 (London: Navy Records Society, 1914), pp. 184-186.

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