Lincoln Co., Maine Pensioners under the Act of 1816

Statement of the Names etc. of the Heirs of non-commissioned Officers, Privates, etc. who died in the United States’ service, who obtained five years’ half-pay in lieu of bounty land, under the second section of the Act of April 16, 1816, and who resided in the State of Maine.

Soldier Service Date of Death Heirs
William Adams 9th Reg’t Inf September 1813 Alpheus, Nancy, Olive, Elizabeth, Mary and John W. Adams
Jesse Benjamin 4th Reg’t Inf 28 November 1813 Eliza Ann Benjamin
David Boyd 21st Reg’t Inf 02 January 1814 Peggy, Mary, Washington, David and Hannah Boyd
William Bicker 45th Reg’t Inf 15 August 1814 William Bicker
Charles Coburn 9th Reg’t Inf 01 June 1813 Justice and John Coburn
Reuben Coburn Corps Lt. Art’y 17 December 1813 Mary P. Coburn
Samuel Cratin or Craighton 9th Reg’t Inf 23 January 1814 James, Henry, William, Jane and Eunice Cratin
Patrick Dorsey 45th Reg’t Inf 07 January 1815 Honour, John, Margaret, Mary and Catharine Dorsey
Elijah Douglas 9th Reg’t Inf December 1813 Abigail, Jane and Elijah Douglas
Nathan Eaton 45th Reg’t Inf 26 December 1814 Nathan, Betsey and Ruth Eaton
John Gould 45th Reg’t Inf 23 November 1814 Isaac, Lavinia, Hiram, Abigail, Mary and Samuel Gould
John Gordon jr 21st Reg’t Inf 15 March 1815 Justin, John and Josiah Gordon
William Gordon 21st Reg’t Inf 05 August 1813 Freelove, Alfred, Hugh, Elizabeth and Jane Gordon
Benj’n Hastings 21st Reg’t Inf 11 December 1812 Ann Maria Hastings
Simeon Jones 9th Reg’t Inf 17 June 1813 Arthur, Richard, Enoch and Simeon Jones
Arch’d McAllister 4th Reg’t Inf 30 November 1813 Ruth, Ann, Hiram, Sally and Rosanna McAllister
James Macumber 33rd Reg’t Inf 10 May 1814 Abner, Pitts, Gideon, Conrad, Sophronia, Joseph and James Macumber
James Morton 45th Reg’t Inf 17 December 1814 Magnes, Susanna, Priscilla, Mary, Elizabeth, and Hannah Morton
John Oldes 45th Reg’t Inf 14 January 1815 William C., John, David P., Elizabeth and Sarah Oldes
Jon’n Philbrook 21st Reg’t Inf 01 December 1814 Abigail H., Elisha, Lucy H., Almari and Phoebe Philbrook
Samuel Rice 45th Reg’t Inf 22 October 1814 Andrew, Sally, Samuel and David Rice
William Simpson 45th Reg’t Inf 23 November 1814 Samuel, Rachael and Margaret Simpson
William Tarr 9th Reg’t Inf 08 June 1813 Charles, Mary, Leonard and Sally Tarr
Wait Weeks 45th Reg’t Inf 25 November 1814 Mary Weeks

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