Cumberland Co., Maine Pensioners under the Act of 1816

Statement of the Names etc. of the Heirs of non-commissioned Officers, Privates, etc. who died in the United States’ service, who obtained five years’ half-pay in lieu of bounty land, under the second section of the Act of April 16, 1816, and who resided in the State of Maine.

Soldier Service Date of Death Heirs
Benjamin Clarke 21st Reg’t Inf 9 December 1813 Sally Thankful, Rebecca and Mark Fernald Clarke
Sam. Chamberlain Artillery 11 August 1813 Thomas, Samuel, Jonathan and Ann Chamberlain
Joseph Clark State Artillery 19 April 1815 Willia, John, Benjamin, Charles and Mary Ann Clark
William Claridge 21st Reg’t Inf 3 January 1814 Louisa, Comfort, Lucy, William, Henry, Hiram, Cyrus, Cynthia and Ira Claridge
Samuel Dunbar 21st Reg’t Inf 12 May 1813 Eliza, Muril, Olive, Prince, Peter and Nancy Morse Dunbar
Jedediah Dorsett 21st Reg’t Inf 20 May 1815 Thomas, Edmund, Salome, William, John, Jedediah, James and Dudley F. Dorsett
Robert Evans 34th Reg’t Inf 12 October 1814 Mary, Robert, Sally, Frederick and Josiah Evans
Daniel Hall 3rd Reg’t Art’y 15 December 1813 Ebenezer, Daniel and Hannah Hall
Humphrey Libby Corps Art’y 18 October 1813 Amelia, Jane, Margaret, Hannah, Mary, Mercy and Keziah Libby
Daniel Mann Corps St. Art’y 10 December 1814 Daniel, Hannah, Elizab, Catharine and Mary Hamblin Mann
Joseph Noyes State Art’y 20 November 1813 Jane Noyes
Barstow Newell 21st Reg’t Inf 20 July 1813 Julia, Anne and Barstow Newell
Benjamin Rowe Light Art’y 14 August 1814 Archibald Rowe
Nathaniel Stearns 34th Reg’t Inf 21 December 1814 Eunice Stearns
Nathan Saunders 21st Reg’t Inf 21 December 1812 Mary, Nathaniel, Jordan and Celia Saunders

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