Yorkshire Convicted Papists, 1716 (Gilling West Wapentake)

A True and Perfect Return of All Papists Convicted in the North Riding of the County of York, 1716.

Gilling West Wapentake

George Meynell, Sr. Aldbrough Esquire
George Meynell, Jr. Aldbrough Esquire
Robert Walker, Sr. Aldbrough
Robert Walker, Jr. Aldbrough
Joseph Griffin Aldbrough
Robert Shaw Newsham
Henry Thompson Newsham
Robert Smithson Newsham
John Thompson Newsham
William Appleton Newsham
Chr. Hamon Newsham
Thomas Wiseman Kirkeby Ravenswood
Anthony Richardson Kirkeby Ravenswood
Thomas Wilson Kirkby Hill
Mr. Robert Collingwood Barningham
Marke Berry Forcett
Robert Berwick Forcett
Bryan Moor Hartforth
George Kearton Muker
John Kearton, Sr. Muker
John Kearton, Jr. Muker
James Miller Muker
Simon Miller Muker
Ralph Lomas Reeth
John Kearton Reeth
William Robinson Reeth
Daniel Close Reeth
James Barningham, Sr. Arkengarthdale
James Barningham, Jr. Arkengarthdale
Luke Barningham Arkengarthdale
Joseph Barningham Arkengarthdale
John Barningham Arkengarthdale
Anthony Barningham Arkengarthdale
Joseph Hamond Arkengarthdale
Michael Hamond Arkengarthdale
Christopher Barningham Arkengarthdale/td>

John Barningham, Jr. Arkengarthdale
Christopher Barningham, Jr. Arkengarthdale
Ralph Milner Arkengarthdale
William Hutchinson Melsonby
Thomas Mayor Lartington Esquire
Laurence Hodgson Lartington
Henry Boldron Latons
John Allen Latons
William Loftus Latons
William Pearson Latons
Thomas Clayton Latons
John Witham, Sr. Cliff Esquire
John Witham, Jr. Cliff
William Witham Cliff Esquire
Ralph Perkin Cliff
John Musgrave Cliff
Robert Dale Hutton
Robert Atkinson Hutton
John Kipling Hutton
Thomas Wilson Ovington
Marke Apleby Ovington
Mr. William Lidell Thorpe
Marmaduke Tunstill Thorpe Esquire
Marmaduke Wilson Thorpe
James Dobson Epleby
James Foster Epleby
Thomas Fowler Epleby
William Fowler Epleby
Thomas Maltus Marrick
John Maltus Marrick
Gabriel Appleby Dalton
Paul Maltus Dalton
Matthew Pattison Dalton
William Chappelow Dalton

These persons before named were convicted as Popish recusants att the generall Quarter Sessions of the Peace holden at Thirske the tenth day of April in the second year of the reigne of his Soveraigne Lord King George in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the first year of his Majestie’s reigne intitled an Act for the further security of his Majestie’s Person and Government and the Succession of the Crown in the heirs of the late Princess Sophia being Protestants and for extinguising the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales and his open and secrett abettors.

Historical Manuscripts Commission, The Manuscripts of Sir William Fitzherbert, Bart., and Others (London: Historical Manuscripts Commission, 1893), pp. 179-185.

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