Yorkshire Convicted Papists, 1716 (Bulmer Wapentake)

A True and Perfect Return of All Papists Convicted in the North Riding of the County of York.

Bulmer Wapentake, 1716

Ralph Reynold St. Mary Gate
John Bell St. Mary Gate
John Robinson Wigginton
William Salvin Easingwould Gen.
John Hardcastle Wigginton
William Hall Linton
John Hall Linton
Anthony Hunt Linton
Andrew Chambers Linton
Thomas Chambers Linton
Ralph Hall Linton
Henry Hunt Linton
Thomas Hunt Sr Linton
John Nelson Linton
Thomas Hunt Jr Linton
Edward Munday Cornebrough
Thomas Clarke Whenby
Thomas Sturdy Whenby
William Leach Whenby
Francis Hornsey Whenby
Thomas White Whenby
John Scott Whenby
William Craggs Whenby
Thomas Cholmley Bransby Esqre.
George Wilson Bransby
Francis Cholmley Bransby in Stearsby Gent.
James Atkinson Bransby in Stearsby
George Jackson Bransby in Stearsby
William Hardwich Bransby in Stearsby
John Ward Bransby in Stearsby
George Speed Bransby in Stearsby
Thomas Wilkinson Bransby in Stearsby
George Wilkinson Bransby in Stearsby
Edward Belwood Bransby in Stearsby
Matthew Crosby Bransby in Stearsby
Timothy Taylor Bransby in Stearsby
William Hornsey Skewsby
Thomas Corneforth Skewsby
Francis Turner Skewsby
George Turner Skewsby
Nicholas Turner Skewsby
Michael Rouckless Skewsby
William Rouckless Skewsby
Thomas Smith Tirrington
William Thwing Heworth Gen.
Richard Frankland Farlington
Joseph Frankland Farlington
Jurdon Sturdy Farlington
Phillip Kendell Welburne

These persons before named were convicted as Popish recusants att the generall Quarter Sessions of the Peace holden at Thirske the tenth day of April in the second year of the reigne of his Soveraigne Lord King George in pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the first year of his Majestie’s reigne intitled an Act for the further security of his Majestie’s Person and Government and the Succession of the Crown in the heirs of the late Princess Sophia being Protestants and for extinguising the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales and his open and secrett abettors.

Historical Manuscripts Commission, The Manuscripts of Sir William Fitzherbert, Bart., and Others (London: Historical Manuscripts Commission, 1893), pp. 179-185.

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