Virginia Land Patents, 1703

List of Patents for land signed in April, 1703:

County Grantee Acres
Nansemond Robert Peele 134
Princess Anne John Hopkins 210
Nansemond Nicholas Hunter 46
Nansemond Francis Speight, Jr.
William Speight, Jr.
King and Queen Jon. Robinson 200
King and Queen Thomas Pettis 36
King William Phillip Williams 100
Nansemond Edward Holmes 124
Nansemond Richd. Lawrence 76
Nansemond John Duke 113
Nansemond Wm. Lassiter 100
York Arthur Lunn 50
King William William Lipscombe 300
King William Jacob Sollars 353
King and Queen James Taylor
Thomas Pettis
Blackwater Swamp William Williams 400
King William Nicholas Rodes 91
Nansemond Benjamin Rogers 340
Nansemond Stephen and
Thomas Cowling
Henrico Jno. Robinson 831
Nansemond Francis Milner 300
Nansemond Jno. Murdah 46
Nansemond Rowland Gwinn 200
Upper Chippoakes Walter Cock, Sr. 350
Henrico Henry Mayes 292
Charles City William Temple 627
Henrico John Woodson 2,700
Middlesex Henry Thacker 77
Henrico Matthew Branch etc. 710
Henrico John Farler 471
Middlesex Thomas Stapleton 125
Nansemond Robert Rogers 234
Nansemond Wm. Jones, Jr. 267
Norfolk Edward Wood, Jr. 50
Nansemond Abraham Edward 100
Nansemond Joseph Cooper 276
King and Queen Jno. Pigg 1,000
Henrico James Thweat 234
Nansemond Andrew Ross 87
Henrico James thweat 223
Middlesex Jno. Standiford 150
New Kent Geo. Aalves 1,668
Essex Harry Beverley 750
Isle of Wight Arthur Smith 500
Gloucester Jno. Stubbs 50
King and Queen Wm. Jones 420
King and Queen
and Essex
Harry Beverley, etc. 2,300
Nansemond Richard Sanders 127
King and Queen Francis major 590
King William Thomas Parker 314
Charles City Drury Stith, etc. 680
Henrico Francis Eppes, etc. 4,000
Gloucester Mordecai Cook 1,200
Accomack Rowland Savage 500
Princess Anne Wm. Grant 150
New Kent Jno. Snead 50
Northampton Peirce Davis 350
Middlesex Rebecca Mason 120
King and Queen C.C. Thacker 130

Headlam, Cecil, ed., Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 21), America and West Indies, Dec. 1, 1702-1703, Preserved in the Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1913. pp. 592-593.

More information about early Virginia land patents and settlers can be found in the book:
Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666

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