Transported Quakers, 1664 to 1666

7 December 1664

Whereas Nicholas Lucas, Henry Feste, Henry Marshall, Francis Pryor, John Blendall, Jeremiah Hearne, and Samuel Treherne, Persons Convicted at the last Assises held at Hertford, in the County of Hertford, and Sentenced to be Transported to some of His Majestys Plantations in the West Indies; Who accordingly were putt on board the Shipp called the Anne of London, whereof one Thomas May is master, who undertook and engaged himself for their Transportation, Yet sett them on-shoare in or about the Downes, leaving them at liberty to goe whither they pleased; Which insolent demeanour being taken into Consideration; and it appearing to be a Matter of Contrivance and Combination between the said master and the persons before-mentioned; It was this day Ordered (his majesty present in Councell) That the high Shereif of the County of Hertford (now being) do cause the said [persons] to be apprehended and Secured, untill meanes of transporting them can be made, by some Shipping bound unto those parts.

[The Officers of the Customs are also ordered to arrest May and his vessel on his return, and to bring him before the Council.]

8 March 1665

Whereas his Majestie hath appointed severall Masters of Ships to carry some of the Quakers now remayning in Newgate, adjudged to be transported to his Majesties Plantations according to the Liste hereunto annexed, It was this day Ordered by his Majestie in Councill, That the Lord Cheif Justice of the Kings Bench do forthwith give directions to the Sheriffs of London to cause the respective Numbers of the said Quakers adjudged to be transported, to be forthwith delivered on board the said severall ships taking a Recognizance under the hands of the repective Masters for the safe custody of the said Quakers, and delivery of them to the Governors of the severall Plantations whether [sic] they are bound.

A Liste of the names of the Masters of Ships bound to the Plantations, to transport Convicted Quakers

Jamaica Merchant, William Gainsford Master, bound for Jamaica, is to carry Three Quakers

John and Thomas, John Ceely Master, bound for the Barbados, is to transport Six Quakers

Amity of London, Francis Appleby Master, bound for Mevis [sic], is to transport Seven Quakers

[The Officers and Farmers of the Customs are directed to allow these vessels to proceed as soon as they are satisfied that each has embarked its due contingent of Quakers.

Instructions are given to the Governors of Nevis, Jamaica and Barbados to receive the transported Quakers, and to employ such as servants in the plantation of them as did not defray the cost of their own transportation. All are to be detained for a space of seven years.]

[On the 15th sixty Quakers now in Newgate adjudged to be transported are ordered to be handed over by the Sheriff of London to William Fudge, master of the Black Eagle of London, a ship of about one hundred tons burden, manned by a master, eight mariners and a boy, to be conveyed to Jamaica, on the same conditions as in the previous order. The usual orders are issued for freeing the vessel from restrictions and for the redemption of the Quakers by the governor of Jamaica.]

[Similar orders are given for the transportation of 50 Quakers to barbados in the John and Sarah of London, a ship of 100 tons burden, John Limbrey Master.]

5 July 1665

A number of convicted Quakers in the County Gaol of Hertford are to be transported to some of his Majesty’s plantations “excepting Virginia and New England” in the Nicholas of London, Capt. Gates, who with sixteen mariners is given protection against impressment. The names are: Nicholas Lucas, Francis Pryer, Henry Feast, Henry Marshall, John Blindall, Samuel Treyherne, Jeremiah Herne, Robert Crooke, Robert Fairman, Richard Thomas, John Brestbone, Henry Stent, Lewis Lawndey, Thomas Messe, William Burr, Thomas Burr, Robert Hart, Henry Sweeting, William Larkin, Mary Whittenbury, Samuel Wollestone, Thomas Crawley, Edward Parkin, John Witham, William Adams, Michael Day, John Thorrowgood, Jeremiah Deane, John Picket and William Fairman.

30 May 1666

Warrant to the Warden of the Fleet to take into custody Thomas May, master of the Anne of London, who set on shore in the Downs severall Quakers whom he had undertaken to transport to the Plantations.

8 June 1666

Thomas May by his Petition (this day read at the Board) Represents, That being bound to the West Indies, and having received from the Gaoler of Hertford some Quakers to be transported, arrived in the Downes, and wayting for a Winde the space of a moneth, had so spent his Provisions that he returned to London to recrewt them, and in the interim his Passengers gott on shore in such a manner as in his Petition is suggested; And that since his late Committment, the hatches of the said Shipp have been broken up, a great part of his Loading taken out, without giveing any Accompt, or upon what Authority he knowes not, and praying to have Liberty (upon Bayle) to looke after the delivery of the Goods in his trust and Charge.

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