Walloons and French to Virginia, 1621

Promise of certain “Walloons and French” to emigrate to Virginia. In the centre of a large sheet of paper is written in French, “We promise my Lord Ambassador of the Most Serene King of Great Britain to go and inhabit in Virginia, a land under his Majesty’s obedience, as soon as conveniently may be, and this under the conditions to be carried out in the articles we have coomunicated to the said Ambassador, and not otherwise, on the faith of which we have unanimously signed this present with our sign manual.” The signatures and the calling of each are appended in the form of a round robin, and in a outer circle the person signing states whether he is married, and the number of his children. Endorsed by Sir Dudley Carleton, “Signature of such Wallons and French as offer themselfs to goe into Verginia.”

The names with an * have only signed their marks. Total 227, including 55 men, 41 women, 129 children, and two servants.

Mousnier de la Montagne, medical student; marrying man

Mousnier de la Montagne, apothecary and surgeon; marrying man

Jacque Conne, tiller of the earth; wife and two children

Henry Lambert, woolen draper; wife

*George Béava, porter; wife and one child

Michel Du Pon, hatter; wife and two children

Jan Bullt, labourer; wife and four children

Paul de Pasar, weaver; wife and two children

Antoine Grenier, gardener; wife

Jean Gourdeman, labourer; wife and five children

Jean Campion, wool carder; wife and four children

*Jan De La Met, labourer; young man

*Antoine Martin; wife and one child

Francois Fourdrin, leather dresser; young man

*Jan Leca, labourer; wife and five children

Theodore Dufour, draper; wife and two children

*Gillain Broque, labourer; young man

George Wauter, musician; wife and four children

*Jan Sage, serge maker; wife and six children

*Marie Flit, in the name of her husband, a miller; wife and two children

P. Gantois, student in theology; young man

Jacques de Lecheilles, brewer; marrying man

*Jan Le Rou, printer; wife and six children

*Jan de Croy, sawyer; wife and five children

*Charles Chancy, labourer; wife and two children

*François Clitdeu, labourer; wife and five children

*Phillipe Campion, draper; wife and one child

*Robert Broque, labourer; young man

Phillipe De le Mer, carpenter; young man

*Jeanne Martin; young girl

Pierre Cornille, vine-dresser; young man

Jan de Carpentry, labourer; wife and two children

*Martin de Carpentier, brass founder; young man

Thomas Farnarcque, locksmith; wife and seven children

Pierre Gaspar

*Gregoire Le Jeune, shoemaker; wife and four children

Martin Framerie, musician; wife and one child

Pierre Quesnée, brewer; marrying man

Pontus Le Gean, bolting-cloth weaver; wife and three children

*Barthelemy Digaud, sawyer; wife and eight children

Jesse de Forest, dyer; wife and five children

*Nicolas De la Marlier, dyer; wife and two children

*Jan Damont, labourer; wife

*Jan Gille, labourer; wife and three children

*Jan de Trou, wool carder; wife and five children

Philippe Maton, dyer, and two servants; wife and five children

Anthoine de Lielate, vinedresser; wife and four children

Ernou Catoir, wool carder; wife and five children

Anthoin Desendre, labourer; wife and one child

Abel de Crepy, shuttle worker; wife and four children

*Adrian Barbe, dyer; wife and four children

*Michel Leusier, cloth weaver; wife and one child

*Jerome Le Roy, cloth weaver; wife and four children

*Claude Ghiselin, tailor; young man

*Jan de Crenne, glass maker? [fritteur]; wife and one child

*Louis Broque, labourer; wife and two children

Sainsbury, W. Noel, ed., Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 1), America and West Indies, 1574-1660, Preserved in the State Paper Department of Her Majesty’s Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1860. pp. 498-499.

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