Georgia State Asylum, 1850

21 August 1850
Asylum or Institution for Idiotic, Epilepstic and Insane Persons

Thomas F. Green 45 Supt of Physician SC
Joseph J. Owens 29 Asst of Physician GA
William Farrall 27 Steward GA
Willis Vaughn 33 asst. Steward SC
Frances M. Jones 44 Matron GA
Mary Vaughn 41 asst. Matron GA
J. G. Fowler 28 attendant SC
John M. Fowler 23 attendant SC
Clayton Fowler 30 attendant SC
Henry G. Fowler 17 attendant SC
William Jackson 23 attendant SC
Elvira Hubbard 20 attendant GA
Jane Johnson 21 attendant GA
Mary Johnson 17 attendant GA
Amanda Vaughn 31 attendant GA
Louisa Ansley 30 attendant unk insane
John Smith 56 sailor Ire insane
Julia A. Mayer 29 GA epileptic
Stephen H. Barton 46 farmer GA insane
Samuel Henderson 53 farmer SC insane
Thomas G. Harrison 30 farmer GA insane
Sophia Young 56 GA insane
Nancy Williams 53 GA insane
Zachariah Hendriks 54 farmer GA insane
Mrs. Dawson 40 GA insane
Martha C. Johnson 46 GA insane
Nancy Denning 50 GA insane
Caleb Wilkinson 55 farmer GA insane
Joel H. Dyer 50 shoemaker NC insane
Nancy Shyres 53 SC insane
Samuel Harries 43 blacksmith GA insane
Eliza Wilcox 50 NC insane
Louisa Robinson 60 NC insane
Moses Woodsin 65 stone mason VA insane
Harriet Boutwan 45 GA insane
John J. Lenoir 25 none AL insane
Jeremiah Darby 42 AL insane
Rebecca Tatum 35 SC insane
Mary M. Krae 45 NC insane
Temperance Bracewell 43 GA insane
Lewis B. Doane 30 merchant CT insane
William McVeney 40 sailor NY insane
Eliza Featherstone 65 VA insane
Whatson Ranseam 29 farmer GA insane
Richard M. Williams 41 clerk GA insane
Calvin Majors 29 clerk GA insane
Anne B. Walker 51 GA insane
William Fletcher 41 laborer MA insane
Nicholas Tuttle 38 wagoner Ire insane
Margaret Harvey 41 NC insane
William H. Lewis 46 merchant GA insane
Eliza P. Morrison 64 SC insane
Robert Moss 22 none GA insane
Martha Wallis 54 SC insane
Mary Waller 44 NC insane
Harriet Gadis 22 GA idiotic
William Gadis 20 none GA idiotic
Bethia Wright 27 GA insane
Sarah Comstock 24 Ire insane
Jemima Oliver 29 GA insane
Mintle Oliver 18 GA insane
Penelope Sanders 21 GA idiotic
John Bradley 22 NY insane
Mary Allen 43 SC insane
William S. Bowen 32 none GA insane
Emily Kirkpatrick 27 GA insane
Fannie McElkanner 16 GA epileptic
Morgan Dean 29 none GA idiotic
Layfayette Dean 21 none GA idiotic
Joseph Hall 38 none SC insane
Martin Cortilow 47 farmer Ire insane
Henry W. Hall 34 farmer GA insane
Richard J. Milner 43 farmer GA insane
Louisa Webb 38 GA insane
Elizabeth Huff 42 GA insane
John H. Morris 22 clerk GA insane
Martha B. Feat 43 VA insane
Mary White 36 GA insane
Sarah Hendriks 39 GA insane
Thomas B. Madaris 36 farmer NC insane
William A. Wright 19 none GA idiotic
Darlin P. Lee 25 none GA insane
Edwin Jones 38 none GA insane
John W. Bird 68 lawyer GA insane
Jefferson Williams 36 teacher GA insane
Thomas B. Robinson 30 farmer NC insane
John Brame 20 student AL insane
Nancy Guest 33 GA insane
Thomas Ferry 64 laborer NJ insane
William Crow 52 laborer GA epileptic
John Atcheson 35 laborer GA insane
Eldridge Cash 38 farmer GA insane
William J. Smiley 30 farmer GA insane
Anna B. Pierce 50 farmer GA insane
Levina Clark 46 farmer GA insane
Rebecca Goodson 41 GA insane
John Bird 42 laborer GA insane
John W. Lee 37 farmer GA insane
James King 37 farmer GA insane
Sarah Dyke 26 AL insane
Sarah Chete 10 AL idiotic
John B. Snelson 26 farmer GA restored
Eliza Neely 39 SC insane
Isaac Howden 56 farmer SC insane
Martha Mount 23 GA epileptic
Patrick Hurly 40 laborer Ire insane
Lydia A. Smith 43 GA insane
Emily Brown 19 GA idiotic
Sarah Spruce 44 SC insane
James H. Varnum 25 laborer GA insane
William Taylor 25 laborer GA epileptic
John J. Holmes 41 farmer GA insane
Mary Howard 52 GA insane
Delila Porter 39 NC insane
Levina Green 38 VA restored
Willis Taylor 45 laborer GA epileptic
Alice Lambe 39 GA insane
Lucinda Carr 10 GA idiotic
Dennis Asheford 45 Carpenter MD epileptic
James Garrigan 15 GA idiotic
Moses Kolm 25 taylor Ger insane
John W. Davis 19 laborer GA insane
Caroline Edmunds 45 NC insane
Samuel W. Edmunds 3 mos GA
Frederck Turberville 20 laborer GA epileptic
John B. Milnor 40 laborer GA insane

For insight into life in a 19th century Insane asylum, see the books:

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Remembrance of Patients Past: Patient Life at the Toronto Hospital for the Insane, 1870-1940


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  1. Velita Miller Boyd says:

    Looking for information on Jessie Miller who according to the Mortality records died there of typhoid in August 1850. Mortality record says he was a free slave married. He was born around 1824. Age at death was approx. 26.

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