Flushing, New York, 1698

An Exact List of all Ye Inhabitants Names wthin Ye Towne of fflushing and P’cincts of Old and Young ffreemen and Servants White & Blacke &c. 1698

Coll. Tho Willett and Mtrs
Alena his wife
Sones: Elbert, Cornelius, Abraham, John
Daughters: Alena, Elizabeth
Servt: John Clement
Negros: ffrancis, Jeffrey, Hary, Jack, Dick, Mary

Justice Tho. Hukes and Mrs Mary his wife
Sones: Isaac, Benjamin, Charles, Wm., Stephen, Charely
Daughter: Mary
Negros: Will, Cuffee, Sherry, ffreegeft and Jane

Majr. Wm. Lawrense and Deborah his wife
William, Richard, Obadiah, Dammell, Samuel, John, Adam, Debo
Negros: James, Tom, Lew, Bess, 2 children

Richard Cornell and Sarah his wife
Sone: Richard
Daughters: Sarah, Elizabeth and Mary
Negros: Tom, Lewi, Toby, Sarah and Dina

John Esmond and Elizabeth his wife
John and Mary
Servt: William Jewel

Samll Thorne and Susana his wife
Sones: Benjamin, Samuell and Nathan
Daughters: Jane, Kesia and Deborah
Negros: Coffe, Dinah, Kate, Charles and Tony

James Clement and Sarah his wife
Sones: Thomas, Jacob, Joseph, Samull and Nathan
Daughters: Mary, Hannah, Margarett and Bridgett
Negros: Toby

Dutch Inhabitants

Cornelius Barnion and Anna his wife
sone: Johannis
Daughters: Alke, Anna, Elizabeth and Arante
Negros: Antony, Jack, Corose, Mary, Isabella

Martin Wiltsee and Maria his wife
Cornelius, Hendrick, Johannis and Margrett

Elbert Arinson and Cataline his wife
Sones: Rem and Elbert
Negro: Dick’r

Garratt Hanson and Janneke his wife
Hance, Rem, Jan, Peter, Danll, Jores
Daughters: Janake, Cattaline
Negro: Jeffrey

Lorus Haff and Canuerte his wife
Sones: Jewrin, Peter, Johannis and Jacob
Daughters: Stinchee, Maria, Tuntee, Margaretta and Sauta

Edec. Van Skyagg and Ebell his wife
Cornelius, ffrancis and Arian
Elizabeth and Rebecca

Poulas Amarman and Abiena his wife
Daughter: Abena

Barn Bloome and ffammily his wife
Garratt and Johannis

Eliz Bloodgood
Wm and Elizabeth
one negro Will

Dirick Poules and Sarah his wife
Peter, Thynis, Rich’d, Wm, Jon, Charles and Sarah
one negro Tom

John Bloodgood and Mary his wife

Powell Hoff and Rachell his wife

John Jores and Maria his wife

Derick Brewr and Hannah his wife
one child

French Inhabits

John Genung and Margreta his wife
Sone: John
2 negros

ffrancis Burto and Mary his wife
John, ffrancis
Daughter: Abigal

Sarah Doughty
Sones: Benjamin, William
Servant: Sarah
Negros: Okee and Mary

Mary Perkins
Daughter: Abigale
Bess: Robin, Maria and Hanes

Ann Noble
Servant: Abigale
Negros: Jack and Jan

Mary Bowne
Daughters: Annis and Ruth
Negros: James and Nell

Arther powell and Margrett his wife
Sones: Ricahrd and Arther

John Hinchman and Sarah his wife
John, James
Mercy, Mary and Sarah
Negro: Hector

Richard Chew and ffrances his wife
Rich’d, Henry, Tho, Hannah, Charely, Mary, Elizabeth

Thomas Runley and Mary his wife
Sone: Thomas

ffrancis Doughty and Mary his wife
Elias, palmer, ffrancis, Obadiah
Sarah, Charely, Mary
Negros: Vester and Rose

John Talman and Mary his wife
John, James, peter
Mary, Elizabeth
[Negros?] Charles, Tom, Sarah, 2 children

John Thorne Sr. and Mary his wife
Hannah and Sarah, Wm
Negros: Alex

William ffowler Carp and Mary his wife
William, John, Joseph, Benj
Mary, Rebeca
Negro: Jack

John Thorne Jr. and Katherin his wife
John, Mary, Eliz, Deborah

Henry Taylor and Mary Sarah his wife
Sarah, Phebe
Negro: Tonny

Edward Greffin Jr. and Deborah his wife
Edward, mary

William Owen and Mary his wife

Hugh Cowperthawt
Mary Southick
Negro: Anthony

Henry ffranklin and Sarah his wife
1 negro

Patience Cornelius
Elias, Mary

Tho. ffarrington and Abigale his wife
Thomas, Robert, Benjamin
Elizab., Bridgett, Abigale
Negros: Mingo and Winnee

Harman Kinge and Mary his wife
John, Joseph, Benj., ffrancis
[negro?] Toby

William ffowler wea and Judeth his wife
Sone: William

Thomas Willett and Sarah his wife
Daughter: Sarah
Negro: Lay

Thomas Hinchman and Meriam his wife
Thomas and Sarah

George Langley and Rebeca his wife
Mary and Sampson

Matt ffarrington and Hannah his wife
Matthew, Sarah and Edward

John Mariton
ffrancis, John and Cornelius
Deborah, Ebell

Thomas Yeates and Mary his wife
Mary ye mother
Wm., Benj., Jane

Elias Doughty and Elizabeth his wife
Elias, Eliz., Thomas
Negro: Jack

Charles Doughty and Elizabeth his wife
John and Charles
Sarah and Elizabeth
1 negro black boy

John Harrington and Elzbth his wife
John, Edward, Matthew, Thomas, Sam’ll, Robert
Mercy, Margrett, Dorythy, Anna, Elizabeth

Sam’ll Bowne and Mary his wife
Sam’ll, Thomas, Ellmer and Hannah
Negros: Simon, Nany and mingo

Joseph Palmer and Sarah his wife
Dani’ll, Esther, Ric’h., pricilla

Tho. Hedger and Elizabeth his wife
Eliakim, Thomas, Mary, Hannah, Jane, Sarah, Deborah and Elizabeth

Joseph Thorne and Mary his wife
Joseph, William, Thomas, John, Benjamin and Abraham
Hannah, Mary and Sarah
1 negro Tom

Sam’ll Haight and Sarah his wife
Nicholas, Jonathan, David, John, Sarah, Mary, Hannah and phebe
and 1 negro

Thomas fford and Sarah his wife

Esther fford
Negro: Anthony

John Embree and Sarah his wife
Robert, John, Samll

Hatham’ll Roe and Elizab’th his wife

Charles Morgan and Elizabeth his wife
Charles, James, Thomas, Sarah, Ephraim and Sophy
Negros: peter and James

John Cornelius and Mary his wife
John, Dan’ll, Sam’ll, Joseph, Deborah, Mary, phebe and Sarah
Negro: Zambo

Jona Wright Sr. and Sarah his wife
Sam’ll, Richard, Charles, Job, Mary, Hannah and John

Henry Wright and Mary his wife
Hannah and Sarah

Jona. Wright Jr. and Wine his wife
Jonathan and Elizabeth

David Wright and Hannah his wife
David and phebe

Joseph Lawrence and Mary his wife
Richard and Thomas
1 negro Jack

John Hopper Peintr and Christopher

John Hopper Jr. and Margarett his wife

John Harrison and Elizabeth his wife
William, Edward, Henry, Eliz and Ann
Negros: Hechtor and Kate

Margery Smith
Judeth and Hannah

Samuel Tatem and Elizabeth his wife
Sam’ll, Eliza, patience and Mary
1 negro

Benj Havileind and Abigaile his wife
Adam, Benj and John
Abigale and Bethia

William Benger and Elizabeth his wife
John, Jacob and Eliz

John Heaviland and Sarah his wife

Thomas Wildee and Elizabeth his wife
Edward, Rich’d, Tho, Obadiah, Isaaih and Eliz’bth

Edward Greffein Sr. and Mary his wife
Negro: Jack

John Rodman and Mary his wife
John, Samuell, Joseph, William, Thomas, An and Eliz.
Negros: 11

John Lawrence and Elizab’th his wife
William and Richard
Eliz., Mary and deborah
Negros: James, Rose, Bess, Robin and Moll

Benj ffeild and Hannah his wife
Benj, John, Antho and Sam’ll
Negros: Jo and Betty

John Greffin and Elizabeth his wife
John, Benj, Isaac, Joseph and Elizab’th

Rich’d Greffin and Susan his wife
Sam’ll, Sarah and Rich’d

David Roe and Mary his wife
Negro: Sam

Rebecca Clery
Athelana, Rebeca and phebe
1 negro

Philip Odall and Mary his wife
Philip, Mary, John, Elizab’th and Deborah

Joseph Hedger and Hannah his wife
Joseph, Margrett, Uriah, Sarah and Hannah

Antnody Badgley and Elizabeth his wife
Anthony, Georg and phebe
1 negro

Dan’ll Patrick and Dinah his wife
Sarah, James, ffeke
1 negro

John Ryder and wife
John, Robert, Hartie and Wintie
1 negro

Dennis Holdrone and Sarah his wife

Josiah Genning and Martha his wife
1 child

Edee Wilday
Rebecca and Mary


Tho. Lawrense
James Clement, Jr.
John Clement
John Huker
Jacob Cornell
Thomas ffeild
Joseph ffeild
Derick Areson
John Areson
John Yeates
John Man
James ffeke
Robert Snelhen
Tho. Stevens
John Dewildoe
Abraham Rich
Robert Hinchmen

Inhabitants: 530
Negros: 113

O’Callaghan, E. B., The Documentary History of the State of New York, Vol. 1, (Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co., Public Printers, 1850) pp. 432-437.

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