Slayer Suspended Priest, Arrested for German Frauds.

Slayer Suspended Priest, Arrested for German Frauds.

Mainz, Germany, Sept. 15. – The Journal to-day says that Johannes Schmidt, belonging to the Mainz bishopric, has long been under suspension by the Bishop.

He disappeared from Mainz and later arrived in Munich, where he was arrested on a charge of committing several frauds, according to the newspapers. He was acquitted by the court on the grounds of weak-mindedness and then emigrated to New York.

The Mainz episcopate was not aware that he was exercising the functions of a priest in new York.

Schmidt studied at the Mainz Classical High School. He was ordained a priest in 1907, afterward occupying curacies at Darmstadt, Sellgenstadt, Gonsenheim and Buergl, near Offenbach, whence he disappeared in 1909, because, according to the local papers, he was found to be in possession of false papers and had obtained his position by means of fabricated testimonials.

He escaped prosecution at the time by disappearing.

Slayer Suspended Priest, Arrested for German Frauds, The Evening World, 15 September 1913, page 2, column 3.

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