Schmidt’s New Trial On In Supreme Court

Schmidt’s New Trial On In Supreme Court

No Women Admitted at the Opening Today Before Justice Davis.

The second trial of Hans Schmidt for the murder of Anna Aumueller began today in the criminal branch of the Supreme Court before Justice Vernon M. Davis. No women were admitted to the court room at the opening.

The first trial, which ended in a disagreement of the jury by a vote of for conviction [sic] of ten to two, was marked by the morbid women who forced their way in day after day.

Schmidt entered court with his usual air of indifference to his surroundings. His unkempt hair has been allowed to grow until it now falls upon his shoulders.

Terence J. McManus of counsel for Schmidt stated that the father of Schmidt, who returned to Germany with his daughter, Elizabeth, after the first trial intending to bring back the mother of the accused, had been taken ill at home, as had Mrs. Schmidt, and that it would be impossible for either of them to come to the trial. Assistant District-Attorney Delehanty agreed that the testimony of father and sister at the first trial might be read to the present jury.

District-Attorney Whitman was present to aid Mr. Delehanty in the examination of talesmen.

Schmidt’s New Trial On In Supreme Court, The Evening World, New York, 19 January 1914

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