Schmidt Trial Ending

Schmidt Trial Ending

Evidence May Be in Today – Defense on a New Track.

Assistant District-Attorney Delehanty announced today that he hoped to finish putting in evidence in the second trial of Hans Schmidt for the murder of Anna Aumueller this afternoon or early Monday. Terence J. McManus of counsel for Schmidt told Justice Davis that he would be ready to open for the defense Monday.

Mr. McManus, in his cross-questioning of Medical Examiner King, of Hudson County, N. J., who performed an autopsy on Anna Aumueller’s dismembered body, showed a disposition to prove that the girl had been killed by being hit on the back when the bed in the Bradhurst avenue flat in which she lived fell on her, and that Schmidt cut up her body after she was dead in order to conceal his association with her.

Schmidt Trial Ending, The Evening World, New York, 23 January 1914, page 2, column 7.

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