Muret Fled From London

Muret Fled From London

Was Summoned for Illegal Practice of Medicine.

[By Cable to The Tribune.]

London, Sept. 18. – Dr. Ernest Muret lived at No. 21 Compton Terrace, Islington, several months, and had a brass sign on his door which read: “Modern School of Languages. The only system by which a fair knowledge of a language can be obtained in one month. Lessons from one shilling.”
A card on the door bore the address, No. 12 Dorset Square, which is near Regent’s Park and the Baker street station. But at this address the present landlady said she knew nothing of Dr. Muret.

At the Compton Terrace address Muret lived alone and very quietly. He got few pupils and his venture was a failure.

Later he lived at Gloucester Chambers, Gloucester street, Queen’s Square, where he also used the name “Dr. Muret.” The landlord of Gloucester Chambers said Muret lived there as a married man. At that time he was employed in Hugo’s school of languages.

Vera Harris, who was seen with Muret when he lived here, has a home with her mother, at No. 13 First street, Walton street, Chelsea. She and her mother are in Dover for a fortnight’s stay.

Under the name of E. Stein, Muret has been a fugitive from England since April 29, 1911. He was discharged from Hugo’s school of languages in 1910 for padding accounts, and in April, 1911, he was summoned by the British Medical Association for falsely representing himself as a medical practitioner.

Muret Fled From London, The New York Tribune, 19 September 1913, page 4, column 2.

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