Met Schmidt On Liner

Met Schmidt On Liner.

 Woman Received Strange Letters From Murderer of Aumuller Girl.

Manchester, N.H., Sept. 16. – Hans Schmidt, who is held in New York for the murder of Anna Aumuller, is known here. He crossed the ocean in August, 1909, aboard the same steamer that carried Mrs. David Davidson of this city when she returned from a visit to Germany. During the voyage he became quite friendly with Mrs. Davidson, who sat at his table.

When he reached Louisville he sent his photograph to the Manchester woman. The picture shows the murderer as he appeared when he came to this country wearing a full beard. Written in German script on the back of the photograph is the following:

“A motherly friend in her album. What makes life worth while living lies on the other side of eating, drinking and sleeping. There is no greater joy than the knowledge of spiritual companionship with a human being with whom you have found a sympathetic nature. With best wishes to you and your family. Dr. H.S.”

Mrs. Davidson received numerous letters from Schmidt. They were written in a rambling style, her husband declares, and she destroyed them as fast as they arrived.

“The man who wrote this stuff is not right in his head.” said Mrs. Davidson.

The latest letter from Schmidt to Mrs. Davidson came about two years ago. She never responded to his many communications, and when they ceased to arrive she decided he had tired of writing without receiving any replies.

Met Schmidt On Liner, The Sun, 17 September 1913, page 5, column 2.

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