Many Who Knew Schmidt Differ As To His Insanity

Alphonse G. Koelble, attorney for Father Hans Schmidt, the slayer of Anna Aumuller, yesterday insisted that his client is insane and that the defense will be insanity. Persons who knew Schmidt before his arrest or have met him since give their opinions on his mental condition as follows:

The Rev. J. S. Braun, rector of St. Boniface Church: “Father Schmidt is sane and possesses a brain of the most cunning order. His is a master mind. He was anything but insane during the time he was assistant curate here.

Captain John Henry, United States Secret Service: “Schmidt is sane. He is very shrewd.”

Coroner Feinberg: “Schmidt is shamming insanity to escape the electric chair. He is a master criminal with a cunning mind.”

Inspector Faurot: “Hans Schmidt is as sane as any man living. His whole career proves him anything but insane. His is a cunning, scheming mind.”

District Attorney Whitman: “I don’t believe Schmidt is insane.I will fight any attempt made to show that he is insane.”

Father Evers, Roman Catholic chaplain in the Tombs: “I don’t know if Schmidt is shamming insanity. I think he is insane.”

Alphonse G. Koelble,Schmidt’s counsel: “Father Schmidt is insane. I believe he is suffering from a paranoiacal form of dementia precox.”

Dr. Ernest Muret, Schmidt’s supposed cousin and counterfeiting accomplice: “Last month Schmidt acted like a crazy man and talked about St. Elizabeth being with him.”

Many Who Knew Schmidt Differ As To His Insanity, The New York Tribune, 19 September 1913, page 4, column 2.

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