Eight Jurors Chosen to Try Hans Schmidt for Murder of Girl

Eight Jurors Chosen to Try Hans Schmidt for Murder of Girl

Talesmen Examined Have Nearly All Formed Fixed Opinion in the Case.

The trial of Hans Schmidt, the confessed murderer of Anna Aumueller while he was acting as a priest in St. Joseph’s Church in One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street, began today in General Sessions before Judge Warren W. Foster.

Schmidt was haled to the bar and seated himself in a chair in the corner of the enclosure directly in front of the bench. He was arraigned for murder in the first degree.

The jurors selected up to the time of adjournment were:

William Ottinger of No. 23 West Seventy-fifth street, lumber merchant.

Marcus B. Bailey of No. 361 West One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street, machinist.

Paul L. Motteley of No. 12 West Thirty-seventh street, clerk, was selected as third juror after twenty-two talesmen had been called.

John Grivich of No. 161 Edgecomb avenue was accepted as the fourth juror.

George L. Danner of No. 21 East Twenty-seventh street, soap manufacturer.

Walter C. Wyman of No. 44 West Forty-fourth street, real estate.

Samuel M. Seymour, retired tobacco broker, No. 420 Riverside Drive.

William A. McAuliffe, no 61 Hamilton place, cashier St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.

Up to 3.15 o’clock thirty-three talesmen had been examined. Seven had been peremptorily challenged by the defense and three by the State. Six were accepted. Nearly all of those excused and challenged declared, in more or less positive terms, that they had an opinion which would be hard to change.

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