Useful Terminology beginning with the letter L

LDS – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).
Late – Recently deceased; now deceased.
Lease – An agreement which creates a landlord-tenant situation.
Legacy – Property or money left to someone in a will.
Legatee – A person who inherits money or property through a will.
Legislature – Lawmaking branch of state or national government; elected group of lawmakers.
Lien – A claim against property as security for payment of a debt.
Lineage – Ancestry; direct descent from a specific ancestor.
Lineal – Consisting of or being in as direct line of ancestry or descendants; descended in a direct line.
Link – Length: 1/100th of a surveying chain; 7.92 inches.
Lis Pendens – Pending court action; usually applies to land title claims.
Lodge – A chapter or meeting hall of a fraternal organization.
Loyalist – Tory, an American colonist who supported the British side during the American Revolution.

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