Useful Terminology beginning with the letter I

Illegitimate – Born to a mother who was not married (the law generally recognises the children of a married woman to be those of her husband).
Immigrant – One moving (permanently) into a country from another.
Indenture – Today it means a contract in 2 or more copies. Originally made in 2 parts by cutting or tearing a single sheet across the middle in a jagged line so the two parts may later be matched.
Indentured Servant – A person bound into service of another person for a specified number of years, often in return for transportation to America; a redemptioner.
Infant – (in law) A person not of full age; a minor.
Instant – Of or pertaining to the current month. (Abbreviated inst.)
Intentions – Public notification of an upcoming marriage, see banns.
International Genealogical Index (IGI) – an database created of names that have been extracted from various original records from all over the world and also entries submitted by LDS church members for temple ordinances. Created and maintained by the LDS FHL.
Intestate – One who dies without a will or dying without a will.
Inventory – An account, catalog or schedule, made by an executor or administrator of all the goods and chattels and sometimes of the real estate of a deceased person.
Issue – Offspring; children; descendants; progeny.

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