Useful Terminology beginning with the letter C

Cascading Pedigree Chart – A series of pedigree charts that span multiple generations for an individual and then for each person in the last generation of the first chart.
Census – Official enumeration, listing or counting of citizens.
Certified Copy – A copy made and attested to by officers having charge of the original and authorized to give copies.
Chain – 100 links; 66 feet
Chattel – Any property other than freehold land, including tangible goods (chattels personal) and leasehold interested (chattels real).
Christen – To receive or initiate into the christian church by baptism; to name at baptism; to give a name to.
Christian Name – Name given at christening or baptism; given name; forename
Circa – About or approximately; usually referring to a date.
Citation – Page or section reference of a source.
Civil War – War between the States; war between North and South, 1861-1865.
Codicil – An addition explaining, modifying or revoking a will or part of one.
Collateral Ancestor – Descended from the same ancestral stock but not in the direct line.
Common Ancestor – Ancestor shared by any two or more people.
Confederate – (adj.) Pertaining to the Confederacy
Confederacy – Collectively the Confederate States of America; the southern american states which seceded from the United States in 1860-1861.
Consanguinity – Blood relationship.
Consort – A husband or (more commonly) a wife.
Conveyances – Transfer of property from one owner to another.
Cottar – a small-holder
Cousin – Child of a person’s Aunt or Uncle; person with whom one shares a common ancestor (excluding one’s direct ancestors and siblings); formerly used as a loose term for any close friend or relative. N.B. in many Native American societies the usage differs.
Cousin German – First cousin.

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