Old Time Occupations beginning with the letter H

Ships passenger lists, census returns and other documents used in genealogy may give an ancestor’s occupation, this list gives more modern interpretations of those terms.

Hacker – hoe maker
Hamberghmaker/Hamberow – horse collar maker
Hansard – weapon maker or seller
Harper – musician
Hatcheler – one who combed out flax
Hawker – peddler
Haymonger – dealer in hay
Hayward – keeper of fences
Headborough – constable
Hedger – one who trims and tends hedgerows
Herd – shepherd or herdsman
Hetheleder – provider of heather for fuel
Higgler – itinerant peddler
Hillard/Hiller/Hillier – one who covers houses with slate; tiler
Hind – farm laborer
Hooker – reaper
Hooper – maker of hoops for casks, barrels, tubs etc.
Horsler – hostler (stableman or groom), horse servant at an inn
Hosteler – innkeeper
Huckster – seller of small articles/wares
Husbandman – a farmer; keeper of livestock animals; tenant farmer

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